Should this NJ woman be believed?

The link is to a story that the Wall Street Journal ran two days ago about one of the campaign workers on NJ Gov. Phil Murphy’s campaign who alleges that she was sexually assaulted by another campaign staffer. There is some excellent coverage of the case on a Philadelphia radio station right now, but other than that and the WSJ piece, the story’s not getting the coverage that, say, Chris Christie lounging on the beach after he closed public parks. How does the media decide which women to believe?

I can’t figure out why the media is focusing so much on the hurricane rather than this major scandal.

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Here’s hoping Trump and Rush can make fun of this woman too. Clearly she is a liar trying to become a darling for the DNC.

The national media ignored this story, and this week, the death of President Bush (41) will be the focus of news coverage. However, the regional NJ market, covered mostly by Philadelphia based media, is all over this story today because there will be a hearing tomorrow and the woman will testify. After the alleged sexual assault, she filed a police report, had a rape kit done and attempted to bring the matter before Murphy (this was before he was elected governor). Why hasn’t the #MeToo movement been all over this story. Katie Brennan, who accused a Murphy staffer of rape, will publicly testify Tuesday. It will be a dramatic day at the Statehouse. -

Because they only care about alleged crimes without any fact or proof against their political opponents.

Democrats care one bit about women unless it can advance their agenda.

As one would expect. Not sure what you’re complaining about.

It has nothing to do with the victim but more how the pain of the victim can be used to perpetuate an agenda.

I admire those of you who keep track of every alleged sexual assault in the country. You’re doing good work.

I admire those of you who defend and deflect every time it’s a democrat accused, but say the accuser must be believed when it’s a republicans accused. Nice consistent work.

Who are you arguing with who is saying those things?

Just chill out, the national media will get to it, they are still covering the other 569 sexual assaults that took place that day around the country. Although they might be a couple of weeks behind so there might be like 8,000 or so that need national attention first.

Or do you think this one should go to the front of the line because she volunteered for the Gov. and is accusing another democrat? Is that what is important to you here?

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I like how this thread is basically conservative after conservative ignoring the reality that Democrats pushed Al Franken out of the Senate at the exact same time many of their party’s leaders, not to mention conservative media, was pushing the campaign of accused serial child sex predator Roy Moore.

But yeah guys…tell us who cares about women and who has an agenda. Bonus points if you can work it into your next post defending Trump.

I just read that the local media is all over it. I don’t understand the complaints.

All of the Hollywood liberals that have been caught up in the #MeToo movement, including Al Franken, are scratching their heads at the lack of logic displayed here.

Come on man. Seriously? Why would this be a national story? It does not involve a national figure. It involves local figures and is being covered locally. Just like a sexual assault case is being reported on in my area right now involving a fairly prominent, local Republican Prosecutor. You don’t hear about that on the national news, so where is this agenda again?

If there was a rape I pray that the victim gets justice.

As to the question of why this should be a national story:
At the time of the “Bridgegate” matter (in 2013, two toll lanes were closed on the GWB; allegedly in retribution for Fort Lee’s mayor not supporting Christie) Governor Chris Christie of NJ took a lot of heat for the alleged misconduct of Christie appointees and staff who were said to be responsible for the toll road closings. Christie was on track to be the head of the national Republican Governor’s Association, was being talked about as a future presidential candidate. This was a prolonged, national story, and a lot of it centered around what Christie knew at the time and what he said he knew.

Brennan’s allegations are against a member of current governor’s administration when both she and the man she accused had been working on Murphy’s campaign. After the alleged attack, she did everything victim’s are told to do - filed a police report, had a rape kit done, contacted the prosecutor said that she made repeated attempts to contact Murphy and his wife. Only after no action was taken did she go to the media and that resulted in the Oct story in the WSJ, but basically did not get “Bridgegate” coverage in the national media. Governor Murphy is being spoken of as a possible future presidential candidate and, I believe, the incoming head of the Democrat Governor’s Association.

So maybe the question is not whether she should be believed, or whether her story should be covered, but whether she would be believed and the story covered if it involved a Republican administration.

Maybe this story isn’t being followed more closely because the plaintiff followed accepted procedure immediately after the act.

Seems to me the press is more interested in attacks that took place 20 or more years ago & involved more victims, as with Bill Cosby & Harvey Weinstein.

Isn’t this being covered rather extensively regionally?