Should the word "riot" be considered hate speech?


When somebody marched with a sign it was a protest.
When buildings and cars were set on fire, it’s a riot.


When somebody marches with a sign it is a protest.
When buildings and cars are set on fire, it’s a protest.

Riot-a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.
"riots broke out in the capital"

Why are we not allowed to call a riot by it’s name anymore?

No, because it isn’t denigrating a group of people based on their identity.

A riot is a form of protest.

So what are you “protesting” when you steal a flat screen TV from Target?

As an aside.

The pigs did an outstanding job of asphyxiating a black man.

Not so good a job in protecting private property from destruction by rioters.


Take the handcuffs and ropes off the cops and they can stop the rioters.

If ■■■■ ever really hits the fan…cops are sitting ducks.

That’s the last thing you want to do. Police using deadly force.

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In situations like we’ve seen with the black lives matters rioters – looting and setting stuff on fire. Tear gas, lots and lots of tear gas. Rubber bullets. lots and lots of rubber bullets. and if it comes to it, switch to real bullets. Watch how fast the looters and fire bugs head for the hills.

Regular protesters should be left alone. The others . . . take the cuffs off the police and let them do their damn jobs.


It sadden me to see rioters destroying innocent people livelihood. The problem is how do you disquisition rioters from non rioters?

It’s bad situation no matter how you look at it…but what that cop did was injustice not just to man himself but to civilized society at whole.

I heard him say to George Floyd then get up and get in the back of the car…almost encouraging him to get up so it would looks like he’s resisting.

When you start opening fire with real bullets, innocent protestors will die.

And the next day, they’ll be 10 times as many protestors and rioters.


What about “Quiet Riot?”


ok, I’m done.

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I still have that, on casette. Yep, I’m old.

I’m not even that old - and I’m pretty sure I owned that album on cassette too.

But I don’t think I have it anymore.

Regular protesters are NOT throwing moltove cocktains and that storming out of businesses with armfuls of clothing.
That’s why I said tear gas, lots and lots of teargas. in an area where the looting and burning is starting clear it out.

Injustice to one may. Hopefully they will be tried, convicted and spend a lot of time in the graybar hotel.
How does looting store and burning ■■■■ down fix the injustice?

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“In the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear?"
Reverend King


You know, I was just about to post that quote.

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Chances are peaceful protests wouldn’t be mixed in with them, but you cannot control the crowd or where those rioters hit next. They keep moving where the people are so they can blend in.

Now I want to point out that you didn’t stop at tear gas and rubber bullets. You said an I will quote.

and if it comes to it, switch to real bullets.

Police brutality is crime against the community. As for looting…it doesn’t fix anything. It compounds the problem.

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Never heard it until now…good quote.

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No I didn’t.

If tear gas isn’t working what are they supposed to do? Pack up and leave and say “streets are yours”? That’s essentially what cops have to do now.

Take the LA “protests”. One climbed up on the hood of a police car after breaking the back window. Officer took of, protest flew off the hood and hit the ground head first. All the leftwing media reports were questing how the officer could do that to the poor protester.
And that was when the two patrol cars there took off. Re-enforcements should have come in and made it so anyone on the freeway was nearly unable to breath due to tear gas to get them to settle down.
But whoa is me – the poor protesters, they need to have their time and get it out of their system.
You want things to stop. Uncuff the officers – let them do their jobs of protecting life and property.

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You still aren’t listening

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