Should the presidential primaries be on one day?

I live in NY. Whenever I get the opportunity to vote in the Republican primary, I generally get 2 or 3 options. I do not get the same options as say Iowa, NH, and South Carolina voters. When you look at California, it’s even worse. They generally only have one candidate remaining and that candidate already secured the nomination. Do you think this is fair? Why not put all the primaries on one day? Does anybody feel it’s unfair that Iowa, NH, and SC control the direction of the Presidential primaries?

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. Iowa and NH are small states, and easier to campaign in than NY or California or Texas. This helped out Mike Huckabee in 2008, and John McCain in 2000, to rise up the charts and challenge the front-runner. Still, I do not get why the early primary states essentially decide the election, and everybody else is simply circling the favorite coming out of the early primary states. I certainly do not like the fact that Iowa and NH demand to go first, and when states like Louisiana or Wyoming try to schedule their primaries in February, they still get ignored.

We should do an instant runoff on Election Day with Ranked choice voting.

One day primaries are an advantage to the candidates with the most money at the start.

I don’t think a one day is ideal. But it should be on a rotation or something.

Iowa and NH are so not even close to being representative of the population, yet they hold ungodly power to play kingmaker.

Agreed. Damn that’s twice in one day I agreed with a lib.

Also they would be ignoring less populated areas. But again I can see why some would be advocating this.

You might want to see a doctor about that. :wink:

Also it’s a big advantage to the candidates with high name recognition.

Here’s an idea, I thought of: Do a lottery system, like what they do in the NBA and NHL. The smaller states (anything below 10 districts) gets the early advantage and multiple entries.

As I have said for many years (on the old board as well).

Primaries should be held over 4 consecutive weeks. Pretty much by time zone. The zone will rotate every presidential election on what one goes first.

Example: Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific. Then in 4 years. Central, Mountain, Pacific, Eastern. Then 4 yrs later Mountain, Pacific, Eastern, Central.

Hawaii and Alask would be in Pacific. And yes an entire state would vote the same week.

Three weeks it’s done and over. Everyone gets the same candidates over the 4 weeks.