Should schools ever reopen especially considering the prospects of COVID 20, 21, 22, 23, 24......?

The general idea by some is that unless government can guarantee no student will not get COVID 19 then it’s not safe to reopen. Along with this argument is that it’s only safe once there is a vaccine. But the question then becomes what happens if the virus mutates into a new strand and the vaccine doesn’t protect from that?

Who is saying that?

I’m not aware of anyone at all who has made that argument, let alone that it is a consensus.

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I reworded it. Nonetheless the teachers unions are generally opposed to schools reopening (although I’m sure that they expect all the teachers to not be let go and be paid their full salary).

I reworded it. I’m focused more on what I have been hearing from the teachers unions.

how many dead students and teachers is acceptable?

Parents who don’t want to don’t have to send their kids to school. And the teachers that don’t want the risk don’t have to stay in that profession.

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How many dead doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, grocery store clerks etc are worth it?

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Here is the AFT position on re-opening schools:

Here is the NEA position on re-opening schools:

Neither take the position put forth in the OP.

Two can play at that game:

Also I have friends who are currently in the profession. The local union leadership is generally opposed to physically going back to school. The general chatter is that without a vaccine it’s really to risky.

This is a wait and see game. Every virus is different and can mutate. We don’t have enough information yet to determine how this virus will respond to treatments and how it might change over time.
It might be like the flu where we are always a year behind having a vaccine that can treat it. Or it could be like a few of the same type of virus that we can exterminate. It might take us many months or years to figure it out. Until then we can not speculate on where it will become.

No more schools, no more jobs, give us money and give us things to cope with anxiety. We need a national wage and lots of games, free phones, free rent, free food, and freedom to be what we want to be. Defund police, defund parents, defund defund defund everyone but me,

Oh the people who brought us Chinese Wuhan Virus has a new virus which it s worse that Chinese Wuhan virus

More kids die from the flu every year than have died of this disease.

The die is cast, from now on we should close down the schools nationwide every time there is even the slightest risk a kid may die of whatever respiratory virus is dominant that year.

You mean with flu?

This is the new standard so we must shut down all schools if a kid is allergic to peanut butter, after all some kid could sneak in a PBJ or walk in with some PB on their hands or clothes.

If there’s a flu outbreak we must shut down all schools.

If there is any other communicable disease spreading like say HIV , we must shut down all schools.

We must shut down the entire economy every time there is another outbreak of any kind “because of the children”.

It could take years to figure out. At what point do schools decide to go on a regular basis?