Should Fauci Quit?

Trump has retweeted his call to fire Fauci.

Fox news thinks this raises speculation of a frayed relationship between the two men.

Trump retweets #firefauci tweet, raises speculation of a frayed relationship

I think it pretty much confirms it

I think Fauci should quit and tell Trump to go his own way, and I think that Trump should open the entire country on May 1.


Always trust a salesman over a scientist. :laughing:

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Trump probably doesn’t need Fauci’s expertise anymore now that the virus is defeated. What matters now is how to restart the economy.


The question I have is what exactly can Trump do to “open the country”?
Does he have the power to force governors to rescind their ‘stay at home’ declarations?

I assume he has the power to re-open federal facilities, but what else?

Mission accomplished, eh?


“His call”?

According to the man himself…

Of course he does not seem to know what he is talking about, once again. He did not implement any Federal Shutdown orders that can be rescinded.


There is already a thread for this topic.

Lord help us.

Well, Mt. Rainier National Park is closed. I guess he could open that back up.

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Are you referring to the Ignore Fauci thread?

This is a different thread entirely. I want Fauci to quit so that Trump will own the federal response to when the country gets opened again.

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True. Although I’m not sure that is going to give the economy the boost he is looking for. :wink:

By all means then.

Trash the orange monster.

Fauci could retire. He has to be fed up with the nonsense from both sides.


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Cuomo, the epicenter governor, is on board.

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Those tweets cracked me up this morning. He is always good for a laugh. He also retweeted a bunch of tweets that were adoring compliments of himself. Good Lord he’s tiny.

Firing Fauci would be a disaster. He’s likely to do it.

I have no doubt Fauci wants to quit. But he won’t.


Cuomo also corrected Deblasio about reopening the schools.

He should quit, he’s a disgrace to America.


I don’t think he should quit. I believe he should stay on as a sensible voice of truth, facts and knowledge in being a seasoned expert during this health crisis. Some of us know the difficulty in working under terrible leadership and functioning in a hostile work environment and usually the move is sending a letter of resignation. However, in this case his expertise should remain a valuable asset that could potentially be the difference in saving lives and losing them. I say stay on until the president decide to let him go.

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scientist with an agenda

Far and away the most insecure, intellectually incurious person I have ever even heard of in my lifetime. It never ceases to astonish me how many people are thrilled with him as the POTUS. Strange and terrifying times.


the country wants to get back to life and out from under the thumb of dictator wannabe’s and unelected bureaucrats.

not so sure firing him would be a disaster

well, CNN, Mika and joy behar would think so of course. but people in the real world are ready to take their chances now

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