Shortly after Japan finally bans floppy disks, Target stops accepting personal checks

No, that’s just not how it works - unless you happen to use the same bank I do.

The money will appear in your account immediately - but it won’t be taken from mine until your bank contacts my bank, sends them a copy of the check, and waits for their response.

If the check is a forgery (or if there’s not enough money in the drawing account), the money will still show up in your account immediately - but will magically disappear as soon as your bank realizes that the check was bad (and you’ll probably get hit with some fees, too).

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At some point, people have to be dragged kicking and screaming into 2024. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a personal check. I still keep a check book in the rare case of the backwards retailer who is not set up for electronic payments, but its been quite a while since I actually wrote a check.

Tap and pay. Certainly a lot easier than taking time (and holding everybody else up) by writing a check.

Good for you Target.

[/I don’t think this means they won’t accept checks as bill payments; it just means you can’t pay by check at the store register.

My paychecks are hand-written (based on commission) and I too deposit them via mobile.


If you ever take a ride on the New Jersey Turnpike, It’s cash only.

Yep. They’ll send the person a check for like 1000 dollars over what was requested. Oh sorry, keep the check and just send me the 1000 back. The only real money being sent was the 1000 back.

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Well, then that person did not have a standard issue check scanner that is standard issue in most stores.

are you messing with us ? :upside_down_face:

No. I am not messing with you.
It’s been years since I’ve used one, (during COVID I did a stint in retail while I leanred to cut meat) but a standard store check scanner will reject a check for NSF.
The scanner looked no different than the one I saw in use in the late Clinton era and
I was told the scanner on a cash register works the same as a scanner on an ATM
(ATMs read both cards and checks) and they work the same as the scanner your bank teller uses . . . all of which makes perfect sense.

Honestly I don’t think engineers developed one technology for ATMs and bank tellers then a seperate less-capable technology for supermarkets.
The fact that Target is no longer accepting personal checks must be because they are buying cheaper cash registers and self-checkout POS’s that no longer have scanners.

In an ATM you can deposit a check with insufficient funds and have it bounce weeks later. It’s literally a scam being warned against by government and private entities. It results in the consumers being responsible for the bounced amount and sometimes results in account closures.

I believe you that there are fail safes etc installed but clearly the scams are working against major banking institutions.

This is a thing.

The self-checkout registers at Walmart allow you to pay by check. It scans them, just like I do with my mobile app.

You just write out the check and slip it in like cash.

I am not surprised.

I have never used them that way, but that is my understandning.

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I had to go to the BMV today and had to laugh when I saw they still accept checks and charge a fee for debit/credit cards.

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Remember the government is always 20 years behind.

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