SHOCKER: Public Support for ‘Medicare for All’ PLUNGES When People Told of Higher Costs, Wait Times

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A new poll released this week found public opinion supporting a ‘Medicare for All’ system throughout the United States plunged when people were informed of “increased taxes” and “longer wait times.”

When asked if American voters generally support a universal healthcare scheme a whopping 56% said “yes” compared to just 42% who said “no.”

The statistics plummeted when those surveyed were informed of higher taxes and potentially longer wait-times as rationed healthcare takes hold throughout the country.

“But if they were told that a government-run system could lead to delays in getting care or higher taxes, support plunged to 26 percent and 37 percent, respectively. Support fell to 32 percent if it would threaten the current Medicare program,” writes the Associated Press.

Initial predictions from third-party sources put a $32 trillion price-tag on the Democrats’ current ‘Medicare for All’ program.

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