SHOCKER: Public Support for ‘Medicare for All’ PLUNGES When People Told of Higher Costs, Wait Times | Sean Hannity

A new poll released this week found public opinion supporting a ‘Medicare for All’ system throughout the United States plunged when people were informed of “increased taxes” and “longer wait times.”

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There is a reason why so many Canadians come to the U S for necessary healthcare. Drugs might be cheaper up there but at least they don’t die while waiting months to see doctors or have life saving operations.

Here is an idea. If the Dems want this, including the Congress, let signup be optional. When they sign up the agent will submit the paper work as usual PLUS a name and SSN to the IRS for who signed up so that way the government (AOC et al) via the IRS can take out AOC’s set 90% tax rate for the $32 trillion price tag. When they leave the program and they have used it, then continue taxing each pay check at 90% until it is paid for. That should guarantee a 1 term Senate seat for the braying jackass AOC and a her stupid socialist plan.

Why don’t we take the Congress Senate off their ELITE better then us plans & make them buy like us the common crumb peasant outrageous high crap we’ve gotten screwed into!!!