Shocker! I support AOC!

Should AOC have gotten the shot first? Yes! Absolutely! Republicans should not be whining about this. For the past several months, millions of people on social media have been demanding that politicians get the shot before they do. To be the “Guinea Pigs.” Well she did exactly what was demanded by millions. She got the shot that she was told to get. She wasn’t afraid and she didn’t die. She’s a high profile example. AOC is a target rich person. We have plenty to criticize her for. We don’t need to bitch about this.

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For real? I can’t imagine why people would be calling for that, other than those who are essential for the continuance of Government as called for in the Constitution. AOC does not fall into that category and she also does not fall into any other essential or high priority individual.

I don’t necessarily think it was bad for her to get the shot. But I agree with Tulsi Gabbard in that those at risk should get vaccinated before young healthy congress critters. But I’m not getting bent out of shape either way.

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Shocking I know but I agree. The people pushing all of this the hardest should be those willing to step up first to “lead the way”.

Congresscritters though should have gotten theirs prioritized by who’s at highest risk though just like everyone else and that would put her way down the list with so many older less healthy people in both houses.

Because they thought the vaccines were still being tested and congress needed to be the first to take the risk. Basically they are ignorant and believe all the conspiracy crap they read about the vaccines. But yes, it was all over social media.

She also said that the American people were being held hostage by the crazy Covid bill. I agree with her there as well.

I have a problem when CDC say reporters, politicians, lawyers are more important.


Yeah they should go last in order of importance.

I agree with that. Those people are certainly not more important than somebody working in the E.R. But a lot of people won’t take it until they see the politicians take it. In fact they demanded that politicians take it first to prove it was safe.

I still wouldn’t trust a politician taking a ‘vaccine’.

^ Obama supposedly drinking flint michigan water to prove it was safe.

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Priorities established:

  1. politicians
  2. nursing home residents and people who work with those ill with COVID
  3. Oldest and most vulnerable
  4. First Responders
  5. Old and vulnerable
  6. Those whose jobs put them at risk

One of these does not belong where it is in the list of priorities

We could get along better without most of them.

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Okay. I hadn’t thought of that.

Are you thinking it’s a conspiracy and AOC got a fake shot?

What reporters have gotten the shot?

Research it and let us know what you find. :+1:

Is that before or after Flint, Michigan hooked their water up to a known toxic waste dump? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

AOC reminds me of a stopped clock. A stopped clock would be correct twice every 24 hours.

The AOC percentage of being correct is similar to that clock.

She’s more like a single page from a calendar.

Every seven years the dates will line up again with the days.

AOC, Rubio and a few other politicians have been criticized a bit about being the first ones getting the vaccine. But I agree with the politicians being the first ones getting the vaccine. Some of us are hesitance getting a new vaccine.