SHOCK POLL: Nike’s Brand Favorability PLUNGES 34 POINTS Following Kaepernick Ad | Sean Hannity

A stunning new poll conducted by Morning Consult shows iconic shoemaker Nike’s brand favorability rating plunging double digits just hours after releasing their controversial “Sacrifice Everything” ad featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

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Nike has little kid in sweet shop making their product for decades no issue, they make an ad with a out spoken black person and boom White people care.

the ad is nothing but political porn

nike knows it will likely bolster sales

despite it being offensive to anyone who actually sacrificed something

Not everything is about skin color, they are a significant percentage of people who would have had the same reaction if they were as white as a ghost and drink milk. To them it’s disrespectful, ask Hanoi Jane if her white privilege protected her during her political stunt during Vietnam.

You comparing kneeling during a song to hanging out the enemy during an active war

Where you this upset when Abdul-Rauf refused to stand in 1996? can you even without google tell me what sport Abdul-Rauf plays.

What about when Matthew Vincent refused to stand for it during the 1972 Olympics.

Nope just saying everything isn’t predicated on skin color. And regardless of your skin pigmentation your going to catch hell from a percentage of the population if you do something that’s considered unpatriotic.

It doesn’t bother me one way or the other but I know the country enough to know a significant percentage of the country will care. Nike knows this as well, and they will either reap the rewards or suffer, but they knew it was a gamble from the start.