Shifty is actually dumber than you thought?

There were roughly 130,000 deaths when he said this. The math isn’t very tricky. Not even for liberals. Shifty is an idiot.

He didn’t say what you claimed he said. His quote:

" And during that impeachment we around with if they left him in office that the damage he could do between now and election day could be severe. Here we are now 130,000 Americans dead, We no idea just how bad the damage would be. But non the less we knew the damage would be grave.”

Now where’s the part where he says there’d be zero deaths if Trump were removed ?

Good Lord. I’m not sure that you will be able to comprehend this. But I’m trying one more time. Then if you can’t grasp it, I don’t know how to help you.

Shifty took the total number of covid deaths and rounded it to the nearest 10,000.

Then he claimed that Trump was responsible for all of them. He said it. 130,000, He used that actual figure.

That leaves zero deaths that he isn’t responsible for.

Are you really not understanding this? How is something this basic so hard for you to understand? But this does explain how mental midgets such as Shifty can convince people to vote for him.

Yes he did.

No, he didn’t.

End of story

Definitely not the end of story. Just your part of it. And your ability to grasp it. But if you want to keep commenting and bumping my thread to the top of the thread list, you certainly are welcome to do so. :+1:

I’m happy to keep bumping your thread. Schiff never said that Trump is singlehandedly responsible for all 130,000 or that no deaths at all would occur had it not been for Trump.


If we hadn’t politicized masks and politicized reopening so quickly then less people would be dead. If we had a president who saw this as a health crisis to address instead of an election crisis to mitigate then we would have done those things. And any president other than this one would have been more focused on saving lives than saving his poll numbers.

It’s not stupid or a lie, it is true.

Not by the lab coats.


That is seriously hilarious. :rofl:

They said it.

It has been always up to the Governors and the local officials to handle the crisis as the deem necessary.

Trump has gone above and beyond to offer support.

Then again, when folks are looking for authoritarianism to lead them, I’d imagine Trump would be mighty disappointing.

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Insert a million laugh emojis.

Which people?

No refuting it, hmmm.

Did he not send ventilators to NYC? Did he not move heaven and earth to get the Navel hospital ship to NYC? Did he not send 1000 military medical personnel to NYC when they were the epicenter of the virus?

What did Cumo do? Send COVID positive patients to nursing homes while the Naval hospital ship sat idle? Not know that he had ventilators in storage? Tax the folks who came in to help?

The laughs are on you ©.


You do understand that Trump didn’t actually open anything. Right? That each state has the right to decide for themselves. And they did.

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The way scientists always say it.

With caveats galore.

Some people crave an ultimate dictator and authority.

Well, as long as it goes their way. Until, it ultimately doesn’t which is the inevitable end result.

That the Governors and local authorities hold responsibility is … well? A tad bit of inconvenient reality. :wink:

They created an expectation.

That’s a pretty sweet setup he’s got for himself. All elected republicans have to tow the trump line or else. And if it all goes south we’ll hey, he didn’t FORCE them to do anything!