Shifty is actually dumber than you thought?

Here’s how fence post stupid this idiot is. He is claiming that had it not been for Donald Trump, the United States would have virtually no Covid deaths. We would be Pretty much Covid free. That if republicans had removed Trump from office, President Pence would have saved the day. And we would be the only major country in the world without a Covid problem. Good God. The man is Dumber than a spare tire.

Yes he’s dumb all right.

Pence’s own nightmarish handling of HIV in Indiana gives us evidence his administration wouldn’t have been much better at handling COVID than Trump’s was.

Doubly so since it would still mostly be Trump’s defective administration in place…Pence wouldn’t have had time to fix any of that.

So Schiff made a conclusion not warranted by the evidence.



Every time he speaks, he’s either lying or clueless. Or clueless about his lying.


That’s not what Schiff said. He never said we’d have zero deaths if Trump were removed.

There you go.

Whenever you alter quotes, I know you don’t have a good response.


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How did he alter the quote?

I don’t see this statement anywhere in the article you provided.

From your link:

“ And during that impeachment we around with if they left him in office that the damage he could do between now and election day could be severe. Here we are now 130,000 Americans dead, We no idea just how bad the damage would be. But non the less we knew the damage would be grave.”

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i dont think he is actually this dumb. however he surely thinks some who hear him are

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Don’t mean to butt in but does the isolation of the phrase remove the sarcasm that permeates the post? I think may be that’s how?

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It is no dumber than Pence saying the virus would be in our rear mirror come June.

That’s not altering a quote.

Or Trump saying that the virus will disappear like a miraclein April when the weather gets warm.

Wasn’t it also Kushner who said America would be full speed ahead in June ?

Actually, it was “rockin’ again by July”.
He’s still got 18 days.

well its only 105 in texas today. maybe it just needs it a little warmer…

The lab coats said the heat might kill it.


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And it might just disappear as our beloved president has told us.

Hell I might be president someday.


Yeah, there was a lot of hope put in it.

And then libs, their media moithpieces, fauci and 1000 scientists all said “take to the streets”…

But nothing to see there…