Shhhh.............Don't Talk About It

The Liberal Socialist Democrat politicians are telling each other, and their party
not to talk about certain subjects until after the Mid-Term elections are over.

We wouldn’t want to expose any of the truth, now would we??

The Atlantic – 26 Jan 17

Trump’s Plan for Refugees

All admissions would be stopped for 120 days; Syrians would be banned.

Trump wants to stop the Refugees coming into the country.
If the Democrats win on November 6th in the Mid-Term elections, they will
try and allow in as many illegal Immigrants, and Refugees into this country as
they can get away with! With the Illegals, comes murderers, rapists, drug dealers,
and gangs like MS-13.

RedState – 25 Sep 18

Ted Cruz Heckled and Driven From a DC Restaurant

This nonsense has to stop

Ted Cruz and his wife harassed by Left wing Democrat activists. These activists were
provoked by people like Eric Holder(saying they go low and we kick them), and Hillary Clinton(we can’t be civil with the Republicans), or Maxine Watters(that openly supports personal harassments against anyone that opposes the Democratic Party). These people are unhinged!! They’re Radical Socialists, and that is what the Democrat Party stands for!

I say we do keep talking about, what the Democrats want to be quiet about, until after the Mid-term Elections. Because they figure if they tone it down now, that they can get people in the middle, moderate votes, some Republican votes, and Libertarian votes. The question is, do people actually believe them anymore? Did the Democrats already show their cards, and expose who they really are, and what they really stand for?

Maxine Waters: "God Is On Our Side," If You See A Member Of Trump Cabinet, "Push Back" | Video | RealClearPolitics!

Okay, I won’t talk about it. Thanks for the advice.


Keeping silent. Thanks.


You owe me a Coke.

Oh no they found out!!

Mum’s the word.

The Democrats have changed their rhetoric in the past week for so.

They realize if they don’t change things up, then they’ll lose the House and Senate.

I owe you a Diet Coke, whether you like it or not. :sunglasses:

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McDonalds fries are really good.

Does that guy take off his wedding ring when he goes on the plane?

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What are we supposed to not be talking about?

I see what you did there.

Don’t fall for it, anybody!



The truth. Dem Dem’s are great at sweeping their lies under the rug.

Not sure where all these Dmes are who want to let all these refugees in. I know plenty of Dems and not one wants anything other than lawful entry.

Why do conservatives allow their buttons to be pushes so easily?

I’m sure you said the same thing in the Hillary Investigation into Benghazi!

You do realize that the soldiers there that saved a lot of lives, came out and told what
really happened correct?

They were told to stand down and do nothing, but to simply let American soldiers get killed.
Hillary is ok with murdering are soldiers. Plus the Democrats like to weaken our government anyways. I wonder what they put the money towards, cause it wasn’t the military?

Only when eating fries. Good lord, that man’s taste in everything is awful.