SHE'S BACK: Hillary Clinton to Campaign for Andrew Gillum in Florida

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Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced this week her plans to campaign for Democrat Andrew Gillum in Florida; setting the stage for a political re-match between the progressive hopeful and Trump-backed Ron DeSantis.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the former Secretary of State will hit the campaign trail alongside Gillum within weeks.

“I’m honored to have Secretary Clinton join me in Florida next month,” Gillum said in a statement. “Hillary knows just what’s at stake in this election — affordable healthcare, a brighter future for our children — and that the choice in this election could not be clearer.”

“Gillum’s campaign said Thursday that the former U.S. Secretary of State will join him in South Florida on Oct. 23. His campaign did not release any further details about the location or time of the event,” added the Times.

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Good for Hillary and Gillum!

More power to them!

Of course not. Anyone who can’t connect those two dots needs to revisit their brain-trauma specialist.

Hillary Clinton is toxic. She’s going to hurt Gillum more than she “helps” him. Libs are stupid.

Why in the world would anyone want her campaigning for them? She’s pretty much proven that she’s a horrible campaigner. She lost to Donald Trump for crying out loud.

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In my survey of Conservative Not Quite Stars, would she have lost to:

Jon Voight?
Kelsey Grammer?
James Woods?
Stephen Baldwin?
George Peppard’s corpse?

In order, the answers I come up with are no, yes, yes, no, and no, because dead–but they could easily all be yeses.

Balloon breakfast.

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