SHAMELESS: Media Attacks Melania Trump’s ‘JACKET CHOICE’ During Texas Trip | Sean Hannity

The mainstream media’s all-out war with the President continued this week, with multiple media outlets bizarrely attacking the First Lady over the jacket she wore while visiting immigration centers in Texas.

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This left wing HATRED toward ANYTHING the President and/or his family does, and the pettiness of the ridicule WILL go DOWN in history as completely insidious. Our President, through all this hatred, even unto his 11 year CHILD, stands tall, is as sharp as a whip, Will go down in history as the President that had to fix the mess the previous administration left for him AND had to do it with the most vile hatred shown to him by the left. I’m sorry Mr. President, that the demoncrats are always at your throat.But I’m not worried either. I have faith in you.
God Bless You Mr.President and your beautiful Family !
Mark Frederick McKinney @Markfmckinney2F

If the right wing media hadn’t excoriated everything about the Obamas - from Michelle “showing off” her toned arms to what she wore, to Obama playing golf too many times, or being arrogant, or ordering the press not to ask him questions about his ears, etc, - then your rant would have more moral force.

As it is, you - I use the universal “you” - don’t have a leg to stand on.

Every time I listed to Rush and Hannity during the Obama presidency, and they criticized those kinds of things, I thought to myself - well, if the next Republican president does the exact same things, how on earth are they going to be able to refrain from critizing that President just like they did Obama.

I was very disappointed to hear Rush (I listen to Rush more than Hannity) have no qualms about praising Trump for the exact same things he excoriated Obama.

Should she have worn a tan suit?

The media made Melania wear something inappropriate?

omg if Michelle had worn that jacket you guys would be losing your damn minds

I am sorry but messages DO MATTER.

In my opinion, there is zero, zero zero chance that this jacket was not worn intentionally. We will never know what the message she was trying to send …so lets not speculate on that. We will never know but anyone thinking two seconds about it should have come to the conclusion it was wrong given the trip she was on.

We are losing our humanity by trying to make everything political. There is no need for the right to defend everything that a Republican does and No need for the left to defend Everything a Democrat does. Why not simply defend that which is right and oppose that which is wrong, Public figures have to be accountable for how they present themselves , how they conduct themselves and all of the messages they send.

If I wore that jacket when I go and volunteer to serve dinner at a homeless shelter I would be just as wrong. There is no debate on this and any thing other than “I am sorry , it was unintentionally insensitive” falls short of my definition of being a person of character.

Certain ususal suspects defending this (though I am not surprised) is political hackery at its finest

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Why would she wear that jacket?

If you do not understand, you are truly “non compos mentis”!. She was wearing her jacket with her back to the Press. The message was for the morons who try to match wits with Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne! I saw the interview and I was listening to her words. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina were actually my first two Presidential picks. When Melania spoke about her husband I new she was sincere. That was all I needed to support our President. There hasn’t been a First Lady like her since Jackie, and before my time Eleanor Roosevelt. Neither Political Party cares who gets in as long as they retain their power. Republicans hated IKE and Democrats hated JFK, MLK, and Bobby. McCain would have won if he had selected Condoleeza Rice.but he didn’t want to win. McCain mistakenly chose Palin over Marsha Blackburn because he didn’t realize Palin was the Leader of the Deplorables before Trump. My guess is that most members of Congress and those that support them do not know that DNA has proven our common ancestors come from South Africa (Little Foot) and China/Mongolia (Lucy). If it smells like a monkey, it must be Soros!

I honestly thought it was a made up story akin to an onion article before i realized it was real.

Can’t make this stuff up. At least she took it off before she got there.

The message was for you CNN, Peter Fonda, and all the other libtards out there. You missed it. Sticks and stones fake news.

Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn about the Jacket! I LOVE My First Lady!

I don’t care

[quote=“Lars_Hebb, post:11, topic:5091, full:true”]
The message was for you CNN, Peter Fonda, and all the other libtards out there. You missed it. Sticks and stones fake news.
[/quote]. Back peddling


She’s a dummy


School on Sunday. No class

Welcome to Michelle Obama’s world for 8 years.