Sexual Harassment in Service Jobs

Appears restaurant & retail personnel are part if #metoo movement. Anyone see the story about the waitress at Savannah, GA Vinnie Van Go Go pizzeria who body slammed the creep who rubbed her backside?

Palm Bay, Florida resident Ryan Cherwinski was dumb enough to give a yelp review of the place after getting out of jail, saying he was trying to remove a bee :unamused:from her leg. Um, OK

Other review cites creep, who has a record, was right there with “baby momma”. Classy!

I think anyone who touches private areas of anyone’s body shouldn’t be surprised by whatever reaction they get. All the same, what I’m seeing of Vinnie Van Go Go in photos & reviews, it sounds like Emelia needs to get a waitressing job in a higher end establishment.


I seen that story
but LOL a bee from her leg the video clearly shows him grabbin/touching her ass

They need tho come up with another name for their movement. Pound(#)me too just doesn’t seem appropriate.