Sessions Threatened with Contempt for Trying to Deport Asylum Seeker and Daughter During Trial

The mother, known in court files by the pseudonym “Carmen,” was taken from her detention facility and likely put on a plane Thursday morning, the American Civil Liberties Union said — even though the Justice Department had promised the court none of the plaintiffs would be deported before the judge could rule.

*“Turn that plane around,” *the judge ordered the government, while repeatedly saying he was “extremely upset” with the development.

He threatened to start issuing show-cause orders and then hold people in contempt of court if the situation wasn’t immediately remedied.

“I’m gonna start with the attorney general,” he told the Justice Department’s lawyer, Erez Reuveni.

How utterly vile all these people in the Trump administration are.

Law and Order

Impeach him libs.

Why would the Democrats do that?

Lock him up.

oh they’re vile. I’ve been right all along.

I wonder who and why they broke a promise to a judge? That doesn’t sound very smart and like there’s more to this story that isn’t known yet?

Vile is activist POS judges who think they make laws and don’t have to uphold the laws on the books and this judge needs to be impeached. Once again we have a delay in upholding law & order until this case reaches the Supreme Court where that judges order will be overturned. So tediou, tiresome and treasonous!

Damn that Article III of the United Sttes Cinstitution. Damn the appeals process and damn due process In general. Amiright?

That sounds about as crazy as the person who decided to deport somebody after promising that they would not.

Here’s a suggestion that I know you won’t take. Don’t sound so crazy all the time.

Of course a typical liberal tactic is to make the normal seem abnormal as in wanting law & order enforced as somehow crazy…rme!

You mean like not deporting someone during legal proceedings when you promise not to?

I think you mean “deporting”. It’s those drugs again. Seriously dude…lay off em.

Now that I fixed a typo, tell us more about those numbers from other hurricanes that you thought were fake. Also comment on this ruling. Fake judge right?

…and there’s some things you can’t fix? :sunglasses:

What exactly do you think the supreme court would review? That the DOJ can deport a foreign citizen before a federal court has completed a case? Good luck…

So a judge orders that a family cannot be deported until the trial is finished and he is an activist?

You understand that anyone can break any law and they are still ENTITLED to a trial or a hearing. Let me guess in Trumps brave new world you are advocating instant justice be dispenses. Methinks you have been reading a bit too much Judge Dredd (not that I can fault you for that).

Part of the law and order of the asylum process is allowing the asylum seeker due process.

Perhaps you weren’t aware of this?

way to harp about a typo.

now, tell us about all those other hurricane numbers that were fake.

K…I’ll make you a deal…you post what in the hell you’re talking about and I’ll respond to it. I’ll also bet you can’t post anything and will make up an excuse? This is the direct result of both your inferiority complex combined with TDS but…I’ll wait.