SESSIONS SLAMMED: Trump UNLOADS on Sessions, Says He ‘Doesn’t Have an Attorney General’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump unloaded on Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wednesday, slamming his senior official for a series of “disappointing” failures and saying he “doesn’t have an Attorney General” working on his behalf.

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I voted for this President but not satisfied with all he has done. However, this President is surrounded by foes. Sessions just may be deep state and we are being duped. But, it is this President who selected Sessions and if his decision was based on Sessions political support, it was a poor decision.

The President is trying to avoid shots being fired but in many cases, he has provided the ammunition and the enemy a target. Clearly, a President has to make decisions and it is clear that avoiding blame is a character defect of this President I voted for.

The Bull ■■■■ Russian Collusion Investigation was not justifiable and Sessions should have know better. I actually think Sessions is in on the plot to oust this president. By Sessions lacking in ability, America has suffered greatly but the President needs to accept responsibility for allowing a bad situation to turn into a national disaster.

Sorry, I don’t buy into the crap that our President was trying to let our Intel Agencies and Sessions do their job. At the first hint of a problem, the President should have been all over it. Example: This problem with Congressional Investigations being denied documents and evidence is not something new. This has gone one for decades and a child would recognize why. The Corruption in our government didn’t happen when Trump took office. The deceit and propaganda America was and is fed, through the corrupt media, can be identified at least as far back regarding JFK and the Bay of Pig conflict.

Americans need to wake up. One man in the oval office is not going to fix all of our ills as a nation. Keeping a dead weight and non productive individual as Attorney General falls on the shoulders of his boss and no one else. Our President has ordered the release of documents and evidence from the FBI and DOJ. Really? Who is going to insure the inmates are not still running the Asylum? Again, that responsibility is no one’s but the President’s duty.

America has yet to receive the full contents, without redaction, regarding the assassination of JFK. Again, this President making bad decisions. Sessions is at best incapable of performing the duties of an Attorney General and then we have others involved that should already be under investigation and indicted for treason, like Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, Clinton and many more for the cover up on the Uranium One act of treason and sedition.

I voted for this President based on promises to clean the swamp, build a wall, get our nation heading back in a good direction for the good of all Americans. This President has accomplished monumental progress, especially with the tools and opposition he has had to work with. But, this President needs to be President. I will support him and so will his base and many other Americans who didn’t elect him, if he does his job.

First things first… Get the trash out first then you can do the detailed cleaning. Sessions, high level trash. I knew something was wrong when I watched a meeting televised where Sessions clearly stated he supported Asset seizure without due process. Sessions has sent up many red flags the President has overlooked or ignored. No more finger pointing Mr. President! Your Country needs you and you need to do your job!

For those who clearly see that the Media is corrupt. We see it! Mr. President, you do not need to continually remind me of the Media’s lies and Corruption. There are only so many minutes in a day, use them wisely and stop all the childish bull ■■■■ with the overwhelming tweets. Don’t Stop tweeting, just focus on informing America and what is being done for the good of the people, don’t alert us to the bad and the ugly if you have no remedy.

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And your point is:

Everything Mr. Trump does is condemned by someone! But he is doing the job hge promised. There are many being fired, some indicted for criminal offenses. It just takes time to arrange for the replacement of a major staff member, especially the AG. “Your Fired!” needs to become his trademark. A federal grand jury should be on call for any individual found to be against the President and the country. Many seemly minor offenses are federal crimes, many may qualify as treasonous and must be addresses . as such, regardless of the person, department or level.

There has to be a lot going on behind the scenes. I just wonder who is listening to who? If Sessions is getting bad advice or if President Trump is getting bad advice either way they both should look at who is giving them what. I don’t understand how nobody is in jail after all the leaks that went on, all the classified information that was handed out, and all the people trying to derail everything President Trump is trying to do? I know President Trump knows what’s going on in his own house so he needs to clean the rats out. Find someone that’s an exterminator to find them and get rid of them. Otherwise he’s going to have this problem through his whole time he’s in office.

Oh no, our boy Jeff Sessions is being attacked by the President.

Maybe you should inform Idiot Boy that the AG is the ATTORNEY FOR THE UNITED STATES, not his personal attorney.

Donald Trump is the United States. He is the only person who really matters. As long as trump is doing well there won’t be the need to do something drastic, like starting ww3.

Idiot Boy is a representative (president), not the country.

No, Mr. President, you don’t have an Attorney General.

The United States has an Attorney General.