Sessions and Sanders cite the Bible for law enforcement

I agree we must follow laws and we must secure our border.

But the law should be sufficient without having to bring religion into the argument.

And what specifics of the law require separating parents from their children??

It seems the DOJ or ICE are being mean, just because they can!

Separating the kids and parents is supposed to be a deterrent. But the situation is already traumatic for the children.

Don’t challenge the govt too much or they’ll dig up some old testament stuff where an intruder loses a foot!!

What’s happening is extremely dark. Medieval. Our federal government are locking some of these kids up in cages, taking breastfeeding babies from their moms. It’s extraordinarily cruel. But I have no doubt conservatives are all on board cuz…MAGA…and it’s the law…or some such nonsense.

The thing is that it looks like there are a lot of religious groups not supporting a Romans 13 defense of this one.

Heck… even some Southern Baptists are speaking up about how terrible this is.

Sadly… I think the inherent cruelty of the American system is coming to the surface.

As a nation, we are not living up to the marketing.

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History is rich with the Bible being used to justify all sorts of terrible acts.

Hell even payl Ryan spoke against it. House GOP members are circulating proposed legislation to allow families to be detained together.

But I’m sure it will be attached to a rider demanding 100 billion for a wall, the end of all legal immigration from non-white countries and some pork barrel spending…


Romans 13…the same one that tells you to pay your taxes? 0-o

well we need somewhere for all of these murals…

Ever played Half Life 2?

That is like a piece of propaganda you would see while going through the first part into City 17


im one of the ones who’s heart skips a beat whenever i see a “half-life 3 confirmed” clickbait ;p


Conservatives applauding the government literally tearing families apart…


Small govt. my ass.

The terrible part is a lot of these people aren’t illegal aliens, they’re asylum seekers.

voluntarily turning themselves over to CBP after crossing border just to have their kids ripped away while nursing. its ■■■■■■■ despicable

Session and Sanders also said they are only doing it to punish Democrat for not passing their immigration bill even though Democrat don’t control either house.

This makes me sick to my stomach.


■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■.

The same ■■■■■■■■ who claim to be concerned about government over reach, who own guns to keep the government in check, and who subscribe to conspiracy theories like “Obama is creating private police force!” - either blatantly for the Alex Jones freaks, or tactile for the GOP establishment types who won’t condemn them - are the same people celebrating the federal government using it’s power and might to rip babies from the breast of their mothers. Literally.

its more sick that no one cares, U.S senators are being threaten with arrest for even asking for tours.

My senator Jeff Merkley headed back down there today to investigate. Anyone looking into this is getting turned back and it is a serious human rights abuse issue. This one makes my blood boil…