Seriously, Are You Paying Attention? Short Memories and John Solomon

^* I’ll admit, sometimes when I see the Solomon segments on Hannity, some of it gets a little boring from time to time. I tune him out on occasion.

But I knew I’d heard this name before, alexandra chalupa. Funny name. Just by that alone you’d think I would have remembered it.

John Solomon filed this story on May 2, 2019:

Why was no one in the corrupt impeachment media talking about that??

Poor Manafort.

He was framed.


dude was a patriot.


Chalupa & Assoc $71,918 17

Huh. Imagine that.

Classic Whataboutism

A DNC staff is the not the President of the United States and was not in a position to shake down the Ukrainian President for arms shipments.

Keep spinning.

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“Do us a favor though”

Weak. Anemic.



Sorry you are under the weather. Don’t comment on my post if you don’t feel up to it.

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Not clever. Again weak and anemic.

I see you have a cheerleader.

Yep. Whenever I hear someone say “Do us a favor, though” I think illegal conspiracy.

Weird. Whenever I see someone say that, I think “Perfect”


I see you are unwilling to address the content of the matter and prefer to toss out unsupported critical adjectives. You want to talk politics or are you down to just spewing insulting terms at people?

Because criminals use an alien language when they communicate?

Who do hate Trump so much? do think so little of him that you hold him to same standards of some idoit peon in the DNC, not even a elected official but probably someone whose dad is rich and got him the job and he can barely function. Wait that does sound like Trump.

Why is that? That seems like a weird outlook on a statement, Do you not take into context where that statement is used? And other day you where saying Trump did nothing wrong, now you are claiming he is involved in a illegal conspiracy? Might want to watch it cause I thinking that is what is called Trolling and the mods might time you out, more so since you are saying Trump is inveigled in a legal conspiracy.

I’m confused.

Are you making the argument that this behavior is right or are you making the argument that it’s wrong?

It’s kind of like saying we shouldn’t put any murderers away anymore because OJ Simpson got away with it.

And that’s odd…