September 11, NEVER Forget!

Yeah. We lived under the final approach to DFW and had south facing vaulted windows that allowed us to see each passing plane…then there were none. It was eerie.

Unfortunately, it did not last very long. I was always very stunned just how things turned political again.

My countrymen, in their bloodlust, destroyed hundreds of thousands, several nations and plunge us further into the depths of endless war. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

Trumps first tweet of the day, yuck!

I really want to attack him for it. This morning has been full of unbearable nonsense from him. There’s a deadly hurricane bearing down on the East Coast, and it’s the memorial day for the single most solemn day in American history, and he’s whining about the FBi and Hillary again. At this rate we’ll be lucky if he doesn’t start bragging about how tall his towers are again.

But I’ve spent the morning reading memorial articles and thinking hard about it. So for this morning at least, I’m just going to ignore him. He’s not worth it.


It was just before I left college, I had stayed through summer finishing out my lease, and was at my buddies for a couple weeks before going home. I was sleeping on the couch and the TV was on within minutes of the first tower being hit, as my buddy had gotten word. We all know the next several hours, the moment the second plane appeared, and the world changed.

Our country will never be the same, I hope with time we gain wisdom; we are all scarred and have paid dearly for it.

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Open your own thread to politicize your feelings. This forum has always treated a thread like this as a non political place to share our memories without the nastiness of politics ruining our sharing. Take your political comments to another thread please. This is supposed to be a place that is non political. Respect that if you would. Thank you.


I was on an early morning call with someone who was actually in the 2nd tower to get hit. I was mid sentence, and I remember him yelling “Oh ■■■■■■ I asked what was wrong - he told me a large airplane had just flown into the other tower. I just said “go - do whatever you’ve got to do - call me later to let me know you’re ok.”

Neither one of us knew his tower would be hit as well at that point. I was more worried about damage from that building affecting his. By the time the 2nd tower was hit, our entire office staff was watching the thing unfold on tv. I immediately started calling his cell phone, finally got him. He told me he had gotten out before the plane hit, and was on his way home to get his family out of the city.

Once the Pentagon hit, it erased any doubt that it was a terror attack. We were fairly close to a military installation, so my building was evacuated as a safety step and we were told to go home for the day.

Man…that is such an eerie memory. Thank God he got out alright. I wish I had been at work. I will never get the memories of that first building collapsing out of my head. I was on the phone with my sister and she asked me what just happened. over and over she asked. Quietly I muttered…it just came down…We sat in silence for what seemed like 10 minutes. we watched people running out of the dust plumes, and they just kept running and running. I can’t imagine the horror.

Sadly, it was very brief.

I hate to use this time of reflection but…
Why are some historical events we are made to remember and others we are told to get over???:thinking:
Just saying…

Wow. Sent shivers down my spine.

That’s right, that is today, isn’t it.

Indeed, this day is a solemn one. A day to remember what the horrors of terrorism can do.

I was four years old, and at home. I was going to pre-school, but I don’t remember why I was at home instead of school. At first, I thought it was a movie; I thought something like this didn’t happen in real life. I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation at the time, but my dad was concerned. How scary it must have been for those living in NY at the time, and of course, across the U.S…

And the brave firefighters, medical personnel, and police officers that cleaned up after the disaster. Never forget.

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He’s not wagging the dog, he literally severed its head and playing hacky sack with it…

I was assigned to 2/1 ADA Bn and I was working out at the Stout Physical Fitness Facility at Fort Bliss on that Tuesday morning. I was a Staff Sergeant at the time.

The weight room was almost empty, which is VERY unusual during morning PT time. The guy I was lifting with and I decided to see what was up and when we went into the lobby, we saw all the Soldiers, in their PT uniforms, gathered around the 2 TVs. We learned that the first tower had been hit. Almost everyone thought it was some sort of accident. Less than a minute later, the we saw the second tower hit. After a brief moment to let it sink in, we all rushed to the locker room to change into our BDUs and head to our respective units.

When I got to my office I ran into my Battalion CSM who asked me if I knew what was going on. I told him I knew the towers had been hit and he informed me the Pentagon had also been hit. He said, “I hope you don’t have any plans, because it’s going to be a long ■■■■■■■ day.”

Shortly thereafter post was closed and we went to the arms room to draw weapons. I spent the day as Sergeant of the Guard at one of the entrances until about 10 PM when I was relieved and allowed to go home.

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I got halfway through it and had to stop.

You and my daughter are roughly the same age. Thank God for her she was more concerned about playing with her Polly Pockets than what was on TV.

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Sadly many have forgotten!

I was across the country in a PST timezone so I was up early watching Katie Couric on GMA, didn’t go to work that day and its the last time I watched ABC news and soon after I stopped watching NBC and CBS news because I got tired of commentary about “what we did” to cause this. It was my #walkaway moment.

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