September 11, NEVER Forget!


It’s rough. But it’s necessary. It’s easy to say “3000 people died on 9/11.”. But over time, it just becomes a statistic, a sad event from the past that affected a handful of people - especially someone like me who’s never been to New York or DC, and doesn’t know anyone whose lived there and was directly affected.

Articles like that help me remember - realize, comprehend, understand - that these were people whose very last minutes were among the most terrifying experienced by any who’ve lived on Earth.

It’s amazing how much the story of a single picture of a nameless man brings the humanity into the horror.


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was in my car heading to work when I heard about the first plane strike on the radio. Arrived at the office and my secretary and I watched the whole tragedy unfold on tv, with the two huge buildings crashing down into a pile of rubble. Never forget that day, and it certainly changed us forever as a nation.

RIP to the victims of the World Trade Towers and the brave passengers of Flt 93.


I remember being angry about the commentary I think from ABC news…about where the president was and why he wasn’t back in Washington. I remember thinking to myself how silly that commentary was coming from a respected journalist. The president was in charge of the country, but the secret service was in charge of him…and there was no changing what they needed to do to keep him out of harms way. The Secret Service was not going to let him anywhere near Washington until the all clear was given. This must have killed Bush too.

I remember in the evening I was standing in a parking lot…the blue sky fading into evening colors when a single contrail came across the sky from the North and West…it turned south over our area…Chicago control area…and flew South before turning east. This was about the time Air Force 1 was heading back to Washington…It was the only jet I could think of still being in the air that day. Was Proud that the Secret Service did their jobs that day the way they were supposed to, and even though the president probably ordered them to go back to Washington, they did not. That is what valor is. Following your assigned duties flawlessly, even though the Commander in Chief wanted you to do otherwise.


Here’s what we forgot…

“As lawyers David Rivkin and Lee Casey noted on our Op-Ed page yesterday, the practical effect of the wall was that counterintelligence information was generally kept away from law enforcement personnel who were investigating al Qaeda activities. But Ms. Gorelick’s memo clearly indicated that the Clinton administration had decided as a matter of policy to go even beyond the law’s already stringent requirements in order to further choke off information sharing.”


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That’s a pantload of BS.


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I remember how beautiful that morning was. Sunny and blue blue skies. I was a stay at home mom, daughter was 3. I was babysitting a neighbor’s children. I always had the morning news on, I had kept it on because they were running coverage of the plane hitting the first tower.

I just remember how the day unfolded, against the backdrop of a perfect September day, neighborhood children playing innocently.


How is remembering one of the cause’s pollution?

You are bringing the bad vibe,not me…


A year or two after 9-11, there was documentary on the Twin Towers, and it was the first time I saw video footage of people either trying to scale down the outside of the towers or simply jumping. My heart sank, and those images will remain with me for the rest of my life. I cannot even being to imagine what those people were facing.


LucyLou…I remember that day as well here in Indiana…blue skies, 72-73 degrees. They couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to ruin. My daughter was three as well. I finally had to take her out side to play. Something that scared me to death that day…but by 11:30 am local, there was not a plane in the sky around us in the Chicago area.


For me, 9-11 was just chaos and confusion. I was at work, near the BWI airport, and was watching TV with my co-workers as all of this unfolded. My ex and I decided to drive to her brothers house, which was about an hour away. The signs on 695 all had the ominous “Serious event in DC, please do not drive towards DC.” on the overhead signs.

What made that day sink in was the following day, when I was sitting at a light, about to turn into the driveway of work, when normally every 10 seconds or so a plane would normally fly past my windshield, there was nothing. No planes. It was in that moment when I realized what had happened was one of the worst days in modern US history.


That’s it! If our intel agencies had been able to share information 9/11 could have been prevented. They all had pieces of intel that they were prevented from putting together and that is something that I personally will never forget.


I remember shaving and hearing that a plane had hit that building. It was kind of like oh, thats really bad news. Then they mentioned a second plane and that’s when it really hit me that we had more than a simple disaster going here.
What I remember is how for a few months this country was so united, and how that is hard to imagine that ever happening from today’s perspective.


I would think the government would want us to forget.
911 was 100% a federal government failure to do what it was supposed to do.


I was up high in North Cascades at an old fire lookout post with my scope when a call came through. It was my brother back in Ohio…telling me that plane hit one of those buildings. Right there we knew it was possible terrorist attack.

Then my brother said another plane just hit other building, right there we knew who…Bin Laden was involved.


I had the same sinking feeling when the second plane hit. Thinking Al Qaeda…then ■■■■!


Yes… Political Correct thinking in the Clinton admin is a major cause of 9/11.


I also remembered how we learned to watch the Disney Channel for the first time so our kids 6 and 3 didn’t have to listen to all the news…I remember even ESPN was live with coverage of this…THere were no sports at the time. My wife and I said we had to do something for the kids. We called Direct TV and upgraded so we could have both Disney E and Disney W so our kids had something watch. It helped to de stress not only our kids but us too. We became big fans of Lizzy McGuire and Even Stevens at the time. It did foster a closeness we have with our kids that we still have today.