Senator Sinema kills filibuster change

Without the filibuster rule, his Bill would have passed. The rest is just semantics.

Again, perhaps. The fact remains that Cruz’s Bill was not filibustered.

And it’s the cloture rule.

Are you done?

Done correcting your errors?

Sadly, I doubt it😉

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I made no error. Just because they didn’t have to pull the trigger to kill the Bill, doesn’t they didn’t didn’t have the gun. Without the filibuster (the gun,) the Bill would have past.

Well, nothing is ever actually filibustered these days (I’m curious when the last time it was done was - the 60s?) - but filibuster is the obstacle that looms.

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That’s the thing. Filibuster is an active, and transitive verb. Even if you are an apolitical mope with first grade comprehension, it sounds like something is being done, because while grammar rules can be complex, grammar is not.

If you say, “the Dems filibustered Cruz”, it sounds active, organized and deliberate. And this is patently untrue, because Cruz got Democrat votes (my own Senator among them), and no one was actively opposing his efforts. The Senate has a rule about how many votes tally to passage, and Cruz just didn’t get that many.

But no one procedurally obstructed his efforts. A certain number of points (votes) are needed to win, because rules, and he didn’t get them.


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Pathetic isn’t it, I use to naively think of CNN as the most unbiased network. Now their partisanship is on full display.


Let’s illustrate this with a more contoured example:

John abandoned Jennifer.

John did not help Jennifer up after she fell.

Italicizing words in a disagreement like this is a sign of reliance on semantics.

I was totally kidding with you.

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Absolutely. That is the distinction that I am trying to illustrate. Cloture flows directly from the ever present threat of a filibuster.

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:rofl: Those guys aren’t very bright anyway.

Full blown woke lib propagandists now.

What conflict? Why grammar troll?

Oh, nvm…guvnah…

17th Amendment needs to go.


It is also a noun.

We have access to emojis here for a reason.

Not necessarily. In fairness, since we no longer have an underline function in the text box, either italics or bold are commonly used to emphasize a word.