Senator Fetterman News Notes Overcoming Stroke

And how did Fetterman vote regarding the Mayorkas impeachment, which would have put the Biden border policy front and center?
Still a Democrat.


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves :)… The reason Fetterman is ok (So Far) and appeals to some on the right is because he seems to have common sense central positions. He’s not siding with Hamas, he wants a secure border these things used to be mainstream of the Democratic Party instead of him being and outlier. He sounds more like Bill Clinton than he does let’s say Gavin Newsome.

I hope it sticks to him and he don’t go off the rails.

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Let’s be honest for a moment: after 9/11 I heard a clintonista on a talking head shaw lamenting that “when” of the attack meant W got the chance to display greatness and not Clinton.

The only difference is that Gruesome had a bit more time to roll off the rails, not a question of what they believe.

Fetterman agreed with Desantis!

Must have heard fake meat leads to strokes.

John Fetterman Praises DeSantis for Banning Lab-Grown Meat: ‘Would Never Serve that Slop to My Kids’

Fetterman was doing so well. Then he stubbed his rhetorical toe on this answer.

SEN. FETTERMAN: I’m not- I’m not worried about that. And I want to be very clear, Joe Biden beat- he beat Trump in Pennsylvania and he’s going to do that again. But it’s going to be very close. Absolutely. I’ve been calling that- I’ve been having that same conversation since 2016, that it’s going to be very competitive. And now oil and gas, of course that’s an issue, but it’s not going to be- it’s going to define the race and that’s for sure. Again, we have that two very stark choice between those two. And it’s- it’s very clear that it’s- it’s not going to be a defining factor for sure.

Inflation and energy costs will be a defining factor after Biden lied in 2020.

Some technical difficulties, worth a listen though.

There are a couple interesting aspects to this story.

Rather old news by now.

The stunner was that Big John was driving. Gisele the volunteer firefighter used some shaky judgement by letting John drive. Should he even still have a license? Doctors can pull them is cognition is poor.

The accident was clearly the fault of Fetterman who rear ended the car in front.

Good news is that there were no serious injuries. Big John did bruise the same shoulder he uses to plow through the ceasefire Biden protestors who block his path to the Capitol every morning.

Once again Bob Casey has no comment.


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I have been told that in Texas if you are in a car wreck and have had a stoke (or any brain injury) and have not informed the DMV (and are driving) that you will be assigned blame, period.

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Look at this. Fetterman travels to meet Netanyahu in Israel.

Notice who is missing…again…Bob silver spoon Casey!

Oh no. I had such gooder expectations for Big John.

Now he lost me again.

The 2024 election strategy for Biden surrogates is yelling LIAR louder than Trump surrogates.

I don’t think that will be enough.

Where did Bob Casey go?

Is Fetterman getting ready to turn?

Sounds like it…kinda…

Fetterman responded, “I didn’t. I saw the — perhaps the ones, the most difficult ones, of course. But, for me, and I know a lot of the people typically, that are watching Fox, realize that Donald Trump may have had a great day, and a great debate on that. But what I do would like to remind people, … Donald Trump … was saying things that were untrue or he was saying things that really — I think, aren’t really consistent with some of the values of a majority of people. But, without a doubt, Joe Biden didn’t have a great debate. But, to me, … he already beat Trump, and I think this is our best opportunity to defeat Trump again.”


Bob Casey sighting!