Senate votes 88-11 to rebuke trump on trade

"For the second day in a row, the Senate pushed back on President Donald Trump, showing stiff resistance to his key policy decisions on tariffs and NATO even as the President is at a summit in Europe wrestling with allies over those same issues.

Senators voted overwhelmingly Wednesday calling on Trump to get congressional approval before using national security as a reason for imposing tariffs on other nations, as he did recently with steel and aluminum levies against Mexico, Canada and the European Union.
The bipartisan 88-to-11 tally on the non-binding resolution sends a message to the White House about how frustrated senators are over Trumpā€™s disruptive moves on tariffs."


But it is interesting to see the GOP congress completely at odds with Trump, and therefore his base. I wonder if the base needs to send the whole GOP congress packing and bring in some hardcore pro-tariff protectionists. Certainly the hard Left would be happy with that.

I do love how the base will follow Trump literally anywhere.

Against their own interestsā€¦check
Similar to Hard-Left Pro-tariff plankā€¦check
Worsening relations with the entire Western Allianceā€¦check

Huzzah cults of personality!

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