Senate votes 88-11 to rebuke trump on trade

you can barely get the senate to agree on whether its night or day. and yet they overwhelmingly vote to rebuke trump on his trade war.

non binding.

When the cat’s away, the mice…

Republicans are such wusses.

Bob Corker special…

What a bunch of COWARDS!

In fact I see this is precisely way they shouldn’t have change the senate.

They are suppose to represent the states…not special interest.

Kooky Corker & Flakey Flake!

now to get Trump to sign it into law…


I know history isn’t your thing, but that’s why they changed the election process, the state appointed senators were outright owned by the big trusts.


You realize that if they pass one with teeth they have enough senators to override a veto, right?

Don’t worry about Flake. He is vacating his Senate seat, and Democratic Congresswoman Sinema is probably going to take his seat. Arizona here is turning purple.

Has no one discussed it on the radio or Fox News yet? Is this thing on?

Yes they did…in their own state.

Also known as “limp-wristed condemnaton.” That’s about all most Trump supporters seem to be able to muster.

Gotta drum up those votes ya know. They probably see the writing on the wall that their constituents are going to feel thanks to these tariffs and want to start pointing the finger saying “Well we told him not to!!”


10 ch

Dumbasses still think opposing Trump will win votes. If they had any real convictions they would have made it law.

And its not their purview anyhow. When it comes to national security, POTUS has some special authorities.

They should all wear â– â– â– â– â–  hats.