Senate still can't get anything done

Why can’t the senate get anything done, just anything at all, something please, can anyone tell me why we sent them to the Senate ?

To make liberals cry

We’re going need more Republicans in the Senate if we want anything to get done

What do you want them to do?

Something, ANYTHING

Seems like they’re to busy trying to punish Saudis…that’s if you’re talking about the senate.

The house time is running out.


No, but seriously: What do you want them to do? Like, can you name 3 things that you want them to do?

  1. Perpwalk Mueller

  2. Indict Comey

  3. Lock her up!!!

Repeal ObamaCare
Defund Planned Parenthood
No taxpayer funding for Abortions

House controls spending.

Why do you think the Republican contrived senate hasn’t done those things?

Okay. Let’s stay on planet Earth for a minute.

Howzabout this?

House negotiators and aides have said they are unwilling to accept the Senate liability framework, viewing it as a weaker or watered-down version.

The House bill would require lawmakers to pay out of pocket for any sexual harassment or discrimination settlements, while the Senate plan would require lawmakers to pay only for settlements related to harassment, not discrimination — which often constitutes the bulk of misconduct claims.

They had a chance to do all that. They are never going to do any of that! If they tell you differently, they’re lying to you.

Planet Earth, geeeeez
If they are found guilty of sexual misconduct, they definitely should have to pay the full settlement amount, the taxpayers should never have to pay any of it, and there should be no cap on the amount as the Senate bill suggests be set at $300,000, no way, you guilty you pay it all

The less they do the less damage that can be done.

I like divided government. Both parties are spend happy cretins. The less they can accomplish the less damage they can do.

So we agree that the Senate should get to work on passing this bill. Great.

As far as repealing Obamcare: There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore, it’s gone. It’s no longer, you shouldn’t even mention it.

Don’t worry. More good conservative Constitutional judges coming…and soon Flake can’t do anything about it.

Senate proposal sets cap on lawmaker liablity at $300,000, no way

I agree–I meant the Senate should acquiesce to the House version.