SEN. HIRONO: FBI Must Investigate Kavanaugh ‘Ice Throwing’ Incident from 1980s | Sean Hannity

Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono called for a thorough FBI investigation into recent allegations that Judge Brett Kavanaugh “threw ice” at an unidentified person during his time in college in the mid-1980s.

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Enough. This is ridiculous.

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Totally agree! I mean, seriously?! Hey, I threw a milkshake in some jagoff’s face back in the 70’s when he got too “handy” with me, I also punched another guy square on the nose for doing the same thing a few years later and I managed to be granted a TS/SCI clearance for my job in the Navy! gasp Now, just as with Brett Kavanaugh, I was not arrested in either case - I think these two idiots were too embarrassed to file complaints - but the point is, as an adult did I look back and think that I could have handled each situation better? Yeah, but, hey, I was 18 and 22, respectively, at the time and I had a hair-trigger temper back then. The Marxists are reeking of desperation, aren’t they? They’re terrified of Kavanaugh not because of Roe (all the attorneys among them KNOW it will not be overturned, in toto, by SCOTUS; no, they’re terrified because he, just like Scalia, is a Constitutional purist and originalist. That’s what terrifies them in their ultimate end-goal - the wholesale eradication of our Constitution and, thus, the absolute collapse of the only genuine Republic on the planet wholly founded, and sustained, by the inalienable rights of Freedom and Liberty.