SEN. HIRONO: Dems Can’t Connect with Voters Because ‘We Know So Much’ and ‘How Smart We Are’ | Sean Hannity

Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono explained her party’s difficulties with connecting to American voters this week; saying left-leaning lawmakers can’t reach people’s hearts and minds because “we know so much” and “how smart we are.”

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Senator Hirono should rethink her statement. It just goes to show that the Left leaning Democrats how ignorant they really are.

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Oh how fun… yet another dem showing off the brain damage from liberalism! They dont ‘know so much’ at all, quite the opposite: they dont know enough to think things through, because most of what they want is unsustainable and too costly. All they seem to know is they think everything would be better if the govt controlled it all, but is the exact opposite of what we really know: govt intervention ruins every industry it enters. The best economies flourish where govt is small. Dems cant get their collective minds around that fact even though its been pointed out to them for about 50 years now!