Self-Defense or Manslaughter

One was asked for.

One was not.

Guess which one.


Then why ask for it?

I mean crying happens a lot in murder trials as we have seen.


You don’t know what you’re talking about, got caught and are trying to save face.

It’s unbecoming.

A mistrial was asked for in the Rittenhouse trial.

Due to crying by rittenhouse. Highly unlikely.


Uh no.

Lol no. A mistrial was asked for because the entire case leveled against him was nonsense.

There should have never been a trial.

Wrong. Mistrials were asked for in both trials. Asking for mistrials is not uncommon in trials.

Because of crying during a murder trial.

Surely you jest.


Now that’s a stupid question. If you don’t ask, the answer is automatically no.

It’s not a joke. The point is about asking for a mistrial, not about crying. Defense lawyers will grasp reason that presents itself.

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So how many mistrials have there been over crying in the courtroom over the years in the United States?

The same amount of mistrials due to black pastors being in the courtroom,

The answer being zero.


And your point? Zero,

Deliberations begin today.

Can’t wait to see how I did. I think I’m going to be short.

I might be good.