Second round of gun confiscation in NZ goes into effect today

I agree, This is nothing but a blue print for those who wish to attempt to violate the 2nd amendment. New Zealanders panicked, but lets remember…they do not have anything about rights to bear arms in New Zealand…so the 2nd Amendment needs to be protected. In my opinion.

It is already being ignored. A diminished right.

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It is a true shame. The 2nd Amendment is in my opinion one of the most basic rights we as Americans have. If you don’t want to own a gun, that’s ok…but if I want to own one, it is my right to. My duty…if you look at the 2nd for as it was written…I have four guns that I own now. Nothing major, mostly just for fun…but that is my right.

Some of us feel saddened to see another country founded by free Englishmen give up their natural rights to the state.


Different cultures, different societies.

New Zealand basically only has two cultures, European (specifically English) and Maori.

Yes the flock re-elected the Shepard. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Who cares. We’ve already decided for them. Because we’re liberals. Hard wink.

Yes to both questions.

It’s easy to see.


Well they did vote for this crap.

Then why do they have guns that need to be confiscated?

Same. I have four. But the way they will address it here is through he tax code. They will impose very high, punitive taxes on ammo and firearms to make it nearly impossible for people to enjoy recreational shooting.

I’ve already stopped target shooting, at least until ammo availability goes up. I’m saving my rounds for what I have guns for.

Blame your fellow conservative hoarders who think they need 20,000 rounds and nobody else needs any. Just like toilet paper. There is enough for everybody of people don’t hoard.

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I bought a pellet gun replica of my Sig. Pretty close to the same weight, looks the same, etc. I practice with that instead of wasting ammo which is hard to find. It’s at least an alternative to keep the feel of the weapon without wasting a couple boxes of ammo on paper targets.

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Did they? The person they voted for was elected before she implemented the first round of confiscation and there has been no new election since then.

They want to limit your ability to become proficient with your guns and to maintain that proficiency. That way it increases the probability that you will screw up if you ever have the occasion to use a gun, thus proving that you shouldn’t be allowed to have one.

If only it were that simple. Gun sales have been way up over the last 10-15 years, many sold to first time gun owners. Women in particular have been buying guns. Every one of those guns puts higher demand on the availability of ammo. Most of us who have possessed guns most of our lives have amassed a stash of ammo to go with them, and many of us reload. I’m sure a few “gun nuts” are out there snatching up ammo when they find it, but most of the demand is by the new guys and gals.

You don’t need a replica to practice without expending ammo. Dry firing a real gun works just as well.

Its the law.


Why did they have guns to comfiscate if their culture was different in this context?