Sean's endorsement of Juul/Nicotine Addiction

As grandparents, we are very disappointed in Sean’s decision to endorse Juul vaping, especially after his acknowledgement that both his parents were smokers. We just received this bulletin from our local police department and just request that Sean read it, and perhaps reconsider endorsing what is tantamount to nicotine addiction in our children and grandchildren:

It’s just an e-cig. We’re just vaping. It’s not like it’s a cigarette.

Vaping is the hottest new ticket. Everyone’s doing it. The problem is, the fastest growing segment of users are in middle school. This hot new trend is creating nicotine addicts, starting at age 13…

The numbers of seized e-cigs has gone through the roof - nationwide. This is the start of what can be a life long addiction.

“The percentage of teenagers who have tried e-cigarettes almost quadrupled over just four years, from 5% in 2011 to 19% in 2015. Three million U.S. students in middle school and high school tried e-cigarettes in 2015, according to the National Youth Tobacco Survey. And, 1 in 5 middle schoolers who said they had tried e-cigarettes also said they had never smoked conventional cigarettes” -…/

If you haven’t had a talk with your young children about vaping, now might be the time…

Unless I see articles about Hannity’s positions on things, I can only guess. (I don’t get his radio broadcasts.)

It’s pretty easy to guess his position on various political issues, but something like vaping … I’m surprised he even has a position on it,

And I’m even more surprised to hear someone say he endorsed it.

Can you supply a link on this?

Juul is one of his main sponsors now on his radio program. Just tune in this afternoon and listen. He says he uses it for his nicotine need or some such thing, and we were just very disheartened to hear him promoting what has become a real problem for kids.

Sorry, I see you cant get his radio broadcast. I suspect they are listed somewhere on his website as sponsors. I’m not a rad, but just a concerned grandparent.

I doubt any young people are going to be influenced by what Hannity says on his radio show.

Juul has latched onto advertising on RW radio, for whatever reason. I think they’re trying to attract old people to their products.


Is it an endorsement or an ad? If it’s an ad, it’s strictly financial. What I would do is write the show and tell them to lose the sponsor.

Its about credibility and responsibility. Sean should know better. Its a cop out to say young kids wouldn’t be influenced by ads on his radio program. Many parents and grandparents go out of their way to have their kids listen in on Hannity and Limbaugh as a learning exercise. To hear Sean Hannity say he gets his nicotine fix from his vaping is not acceptable. We love Sean and Rush, but its always something. I would think he could find better ways to make $ than to get people addicted to nicotine…C’mon!

He said that? Yeah, not good.

Personal testimonies are as old a Paul Harvey on the radio (in my memory, anyway). I’m sure he didn’t need a “My Pillow” to get through the night, either…

Choosing to endorse a pillow for a good night’s sleep, is different than endorsing a product that can lead to an addiction to nicotine, especially among kids.

I just don’t find that anywhere.

I agree it would be irresponsible of him to say that though. (If he actually did.)

He endorsed another e-cig product before Juul. A recent profile of him in NY Times sunday magazine stated that he is constantly vaping during his show and during breaks on his fox show.

Lots of sketchy advertisers on right wing radio. When I listen it seems that most listeners are tax deadbeats with credit issues and erectile disfunction if you go by the ads.


That’s there for the sake of the libs who listen in.

(Or maybe it’s really there because those things advertise on just about any radio program… Including my Christmas station. :frowning: )

They know who there audience is.

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Your proof of this is?

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So he has one vice. Kids are not going to start using E-cigs from listening to his show

As long as he isn’t endorsing the real killers like Duncan Donuts, Coca-Cola and other causes of obesity.
Obesity is directly tied to major death causes such as Heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

If you haven’t talked to your children about sugar, desserts and other simple carbohydrates and animal fat, now’s the time.

I hadn’t realized Sean smoked.:slightly_frowning_face:. Thanks for the advice to talk with my daughter. She’s in the early teens.

I’m talking to mine about staying involved with sports. Me, I’m a lost cause.

I get my nourishment from the four basic food groups—sugar, salt, fat & caffeine.

I just quit an 8 year cigarette habit with juul.