Sean Hannity Show: Mark Levin and the 14th Amendment

In another thread a member said that Mark Levin is wrong about his position on the 4th amendment. In fact, that member is wrong and Levin is correct. The 14th amendment was never meant for the children of illegal aliens.

BLURB: Attorney, author, and Constitutional scholar Mark Levin explains on ‘Hannity’ the meaning of the 14th Amendment, the language used in it, and the history surrounding it. Specifically, why the children of illegal immigrants are not U.S. citizens by birth per the 14th Amendment.

Here is a clip from our board’s founder:

No, Levin is still wrong. It doesn’t matter that the writers of the Fourteenth Amendment didn’t have children of illegal immigrants in mind specifically.

Levin is correct.

Levin is wrong.

Levin is worng. The fourteenth amendment was specifically written because the Supreme Court in 1857 had declared Africans born in the US, free or slave status did not matter, to NOT be American citizens. They intended for anyone born in this country to be considered an american citizen and close the loophole that the Supreme Court created catering to the southern states.

Levin is wrong.

14th amendment:
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.

What the author wanted or had in mind is irrelevant. The text of the amendment as submitted to the states for ratification is all that matters.
The babies of illegal immigrants ARE subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. If they grow up and kill someone, they are subject to U.S. laws.
The only people born in this country that are not subject to the jurisdiction of this country, that I can think of, are the children of diplomats who have diplomatic immunity.