SCOTUS says no to Trump admin expidite on DACA (1-22-2019)

“The justices Tuesday did not agree to give the Trump administration one last chance to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, which protects those immigrants from deportation and grants them work permits.”

2020 now at the earliest if it even takes the case at all.

womp. womp.

Trump admin takes it on the chin yet again on DACA.

SCOTUS does not like to be rushed and todays order is just telling the Trump admin to “slow down”

SCOTUS will rule when it is good and ready to and not a moment before.


Dems don’t care about DACA kids, or they’d give Trump his wall funding…


Trump attempted to end the DACA program via EO.

SCOTUS rejects.

Not in my house.


Trump doesn’t care about the DACA recipients.

Dems are betting on illegal voters vs a duly elected POTUS, that’s what Dems do :woman_shrugging:they work against the country.

It doesn’t matter if he does or not. He’ll give them amnesty for the wall. Dems won’t do it.

Well, there goes Trump’s DACA bargaining chip for the time being. Wonder what he’ll try to pull out of his sleeve next? Should be entertaining.

It is still in question, it is still a bargaining chip. Obama, knew he shouldn’t do it with an executive order, he knew it was wrong to do, but he did it anyway. In the long run, it will be overruled. We know it will be overruled. It is not law because it is not legislation. This will make it legal for 3 years, and not subject to Supreme Court review.

Regarding our illegal immigration problem, the SCOTUS shares in the responsibility for it.

Correction, there are no illegal voters.

That’s a figment of the xenophobia imagination.

What there were in the 2018 midterms.

Were 10,000,000 CITIZENS who voted Nancy in to oppose Trump,s idiotic policies.

I know it’s hard for you and your ilk to grasp that Trump is not popular.

He,s not you know. And no matter how you spin it, he’s not.


How so? Please elaborate…