Scottsdale Police Ask Public to Stay 'Vigilant' After Connecting Three of Four Shootings

This guy is going around shooting people (a forensic psychiatrist, two paralegals, etc). They have no clue who he is or where he is now…

I hope he gets caught, dragged by a Jeep through the desert over a zillion cactus, with a highlight film at 11:00

if they ever find him, he’ll get a trial and his attorney will try to get him off on a technicality or something.

My idea will help curb the copycats and will have more of a positive affect on stopping gun violence than any legislation.

so you agree that it’s sleazy for attorneys to get their clients off on technicalities and such, correct?

Although I deplore the actions of the attorney, I must accept it as the best methodology to achieve a fair system of justice.

well, that’s exactly the strategy that Trump’s attorneys, and Trump’s team’s attorneys are gonna use/are using. i guess you deplore that too.

More right wing support of government sanctioned torture.

Ahhhhhhhhh……sorry I didn’t give you the answer you wanted.

you just trapped yourself when your favorite politicians use that strategy and you cheer it.

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I luv u cuz u make me laugh…thanks. :sunglasses:

What makes this anything other than a local story?

We’ve had shootings in this country for as long as it has been a country and for a couple of hundred years prior.

Coyotes and buzzards gotta eat too.