Science shows 20% of deaths from covid-19 are people under the age of 65

Yet from H1N1, 80% of the worldwide 284,000 deaths approximated 80% or 225,000 people under the age of 65 died in 2009-2010.

To put that in context, at present, only about 8% of the world population is age 65 or over.

Sadly, that equates to 10X (8% X 10 = 80%) of the entire age group of people 65 and over being killed by Covid-19 worldwide.

H1N1, unlike Covid-19, both infected and killed in a disproportionate manner people age 65 and under.

Sadly, that will also mean of the 717,000 global Covid-19 deaths reported thus far 20% or 143,000 of younger people under the age of 65 have tragically passed away too.

Seems to me the younger age mortality of covid-19 vs H1N1 is neither widely reported or well known.

Do any of these facts surprise anyone? And were you even aware? Please share your input too.

If you look at US numbers, from what I believe is the same study the President noted when he called out the median death age of 78, there is huge racial/ethnic disparity in percentage of population under 65 that dies.

Overall, 34.9% of Hispanic and 29.5% of nonwhite decedents were aged <65 years, compared with 13.2% of white, non-Hispanic decedents.

The model now shows that 295,000 Americans are projected to die from Covid-19 before by December 1st.


NY was dragging younger victims off the street and killing them on ventilators to achieve a higher death rate for under 65s. And young people killed in motor accidents were also added. CDC stats are engineered to create fear, panic and economic collapse. It’s an election year.

For as somber as whatever # it lands up being, not far off from the 100,000- 240,000 range initially revealed early on by Dr. Birx.

Also far better than the 1.6 million to 2.2 million of deaths some models showed here for the USA.

And to the point of this thread much less a % of our younger people who will perish compared to H1N1 too.

Seems like Trump administration - task force will ultimately save cumulatively millions of lives before it all it is said and done…


I predicted the virus would kill 39.3 million Americans.

I think the president should get credit for saving 39 million lives.



Lord forgive my language, but this is a load of ■■■■■■■■ . Take off the tin foil hat and stay off the conspiracy sites. Some of you people got a damn nerve in calling people sheep while at the same time repeating this nonsense.


Well said.

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Does anyone know what happened to the vaccine info thread that torey j et al. were participating in?

I wonder of those 20% how many were morbidly obese considering 80% of those who died from covid where.

Yep. Younger than 65 does not equal young and healthy. Most people in their late 40s to mid 50s usually have some problems going on. I know two people in their mid 50s that died from Covid.