Schumer's General Council is hiding most of his clients names

In the category of something that I hope that we can all agree upon… Schumer’s General Council, Mark Patterson, who was once a Goldman Sachs lobbyist and Chief of Staff for Geitner, has refused to disclose 19 out of 20 of his former clients due to “confidentiality”. The problem is that everyone has to take him at his word about the confidential nature.

I think that in the interests of transparency, Patterson should disclose his former clients or be asked to step down. Schumer is one of my Senators and I have already called his office about this.

If I were a client, I wouldn’t want my name tossed into the bloody waters of an investigation about someone else.

Today the arena for the court of public opinion is nasty place. Guilt-by-association. Witch hunts to bring down anyone whose name happens to get peripherally exposed. Politics of personal destruction. We know (yes, KNOW) that some scoop-hungry reporter or gold-digger or revenge-seeking associate will latch onto that unmasking. Guilt-by-innuendo is all it takes now.

I will mark this down as being “pro lobbyist/ anti transparency”

Yeah…we should know who he worked for…

Of course you will. :roll_eyes:

Even though I said nothing of the sort.

I have no idea what your point was actually. It seemed a little all over the place… considering that Schumer isn’t under any sort of witch hunt or investigation and then there was this weird complaint about personal destruction when all I am asking is if we all agree that full disclosure is in the people’s interest.

I believe it is and I have let my Senator know this.

I was expressing sympathy for the clients.

In some ways the concern I raised was, to some degree, demonstrated by your quick jump-to-attack response here.

Everybody is in attack mode these days.

I don’t give a crap about the corporations privacy when lobbying for access to the government.

That should be completely transparent also.