Schumer SCOTUS Criticism

Seems like Chucky is not good at Twitter either.

“I don’t agree very often with Chief Justice Roberts, especially his partisan decisions which seem highly political on Citizens United, Janus, and Shelby,” the Democrat wrote in a Twitter message. “But I am thankful today that he — almost alone among Republicans — stood up to President Trump and for an independent judiciary.”

He agrees with the President on the partisanship of the SCOTUS while applauding them for standing up to accusations of partisanship.

I’m sure we’ll all enjoy a good thread’s worth of mocking and taunting at this like we do when the President tweeted the original criticism.

Amirite? Goo goo, gah gah

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No, just the part that confirmed my bias and gave me what I need to taunt libs.

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So when is the Schumer Tweet Shaming going to begin?

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Did you see something that makes Chucky not an idiot, or just that it’s Chucky?

Are we going to do this or what?

Now that is some high quality Chucky-splainin’ right there.

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Good Lord, are you libs serious? Not one post?

What changed since the PAST?

Only Obama was allowed to shame justices during the State of Union speech.

Chuck Schumer contradicted himself again. Shocker. Trump embraces the fact that judges are partisan and uses “Obama judges” as a campaign device. I support SCCJ Roberts’ message.

The fact that that was the past and its now the present.

Should have thought that one through better.

So conservatives are bad children, and democrats are the only good ones?

They don’t want any part of it. Wonder why?

So you’ve shown Trump is as ■■■■■■ a person as Schumer. Congrats.

Trump is slightly worse.

I took it as you were implying that Chuck was the child.

Ha. Fair enough. When a guy from one group has to be compared to the worst of another group… well neither are that great.

That’s true. Who would you say is the best guy from each group?

“Partisan” is defined (by me) as a position that is different than that held by the person using the word.