SCHUMER MELTDOWN: Chuck TRASHES Trump’s Supreme Court PICK | Sean Hannity

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Tuesday, saying Brett Kavanaugh’s previous comments about “shielding” a sitting President from a criminal investigation disqualifies him from serving.

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Expressing an opinion is now considered a “meltdown”?


There are an awful lot of meltdowns going on around here.


Senator Chuck Schumer is likely on to something.

I am betting right about now Donny would rather have an SC pick that will shield him from anything Mueller comes out with than he would one who would be guaranteed to vote to reverse Roe v Wade.

With this pick he gets a twofer.

Frankly I would likely vote against Kavanaugh were I in the position to do so with everything that is going on.

Considering how Mitch blatantly stole President Obama’s SC nomination confirmation process from him I will give Chuckie some leeway on his opinions about Donald’s pick.

Ignorance of the miracle known as Trump could be forgiven the people of the socialist utopia Venezuela. They haven’t had radio, tv, toilet paper or internet for some years now. Maybe they have shrimp treadmills. They are cheap enough these days.

But here in America…my my. The willful ignorance of the left is…willful. Why heckfire…even here…all the MSDNC robots have to do is jump their programming and read your arkles. No excuse. None.

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Funnier than I could ever hope to be.

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I always said it was unfair that the Trumpmeister get to pick his own judgy wudgy. Would have been only fair to let Shoomerclown 'n Nancy put in their own ringer. Megaphony Al Sharpton ain’t doing much these days. Or Hillary. She coulda judged a year or two and then fired up her campaign again.

Or Grampa Bernie. Now that’d be a hoot and he’d get stuff done…fairly, of course.

Old meanie Trump! Stompyfeets! Grr!

They didn’t use the word “NUCLEAR” in the title for the twofer. It’s astonishing how many people and institutions have gone “NUCLEAR” lately.

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Well the “heads exploding” metaphor was getting a bit worn.


Meltdown! Unhinged!

Ridiculous! The constitution already protects any sitting president. See Mark Levin for details!