SCHUMER MELTDOWN: Chuck Slams Supreme Court’s Decision to ‘Disenfranchise’ Americans

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed the Supreme Court’s decision regarding voter registration Monday; saying the ruling advances the Trump administration’s agenda of “disenfranchising” Americans across the country.

In a 5-4 decision, the court sided with Ohio’s practice of removing voters from the registration rolls after a certain period of inactivity; supporting the so-called “Use it or Lose it” rule.

“The ongoing push to disenfranchise American voters, led by the Trump administration and its allies at the state and local level, received a big boost from the #SCOTUS today. This is why elections matter,” tweeted Schumer.

“The right to vote is the most sacred right we have as citizens. Aggressive voter purge systems like Ohio’s essentially make voting a ‘use it or lose it’ privilege,” wrote Schumer.

“Democracy suffers when laws make it harder for U.S. Citizens to vote. This decision is dangerous and damaging and is NOT why we passed the National Voter Registration Act in ‘93. In fact, this goes completely against the spirit of the law,” he added.

Why is this anti-American POS still in the US Congress??

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In 1973-1975 I worked for the Supervisor of Elections office here where I live. We purged the rolls at least once a week. One woman took the obits every single morning and purged them. If someone hadn’t voted in 2 primary elections they were removed. It’s common sense. Just reregister if you decide finally to participate. Schumer is mad because most other states will now join this bandwagon and it will hurt the Dimms because there will be no dead people registered to use for fraudulent votes!

Here’s the hypocrisy: Why do you think the Left wants to disenfranchise the nation while giving power to their choice cities?

Judging from his rant, its probably because the dead keep voting for him.

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Crying Schmuck Schumer?

The guys is two face ferret.