SCHUMER MELTDOWN: Chuck Slams Supreme Court’s Decision to ‘Disenfranchise’ Americans | Sean Hannity

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed the Supreme Court’s decision regarding voter registration Monday; saying the ruling advances the Trump administration’s agenda of “disenfranchising” Americans across the country.

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This should be done in ALL states. Also tied to it should be mandatory voter ID cards.


How hard is it to Re-Register with your County Election Board. Chuckles is a complete MORON.

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Amen to that voter ID absolutely should be mandatory in every state chucky boy might just want to go to his safe place and break out the crayons now

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Mississippi has voter ID laws. Mississippi also provides, free of charge, the voter ID for anyone who does not already have a driver’s license, or other type of allowed voter ID. If every state implemented their voter ID laws exactly this way, there could be no claims of “disenfranchisement”. Honest people aren’t making these claims. It’s people trying to abuse our election system to their benefit who keep making these claims.

I’ve already seen reports of people being bused and flown around the country. California now allows people to register and vote on the same day. I don’t know how any of that info was supposed to be verified. The only choice we have to safeguard our election system is to strictly guard it. The most important step is to stop letting invaders in the front door.

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