SCHIFF UNGLUED: Adam Schiff Blames California Forest Fires... On TRUMP, CLIMATE CHANGE

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Leading Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff took his all-out war against the Trump administration to the next level Tuesday, bizarrely blaming President Trump and “climate change” for the devastating forest fires sweeping California.

Schiff made the baseless accusation on social media Tuesday afternoon, saying the President’s lack of a “science advisor” since taking office was somehow responsible for the naturally occurring phenomenon.

“You’ve been in office for 18 LONG months and you still don’t have a science adviser, so allow me to help. Environmental protections have nothing to do with the wildfires in CA. Climate change does. We’re not going to let you use fires as an excuse to clear-cut our forests,” he tweeted.

Schiff’s comments come just hours after the President said California’s government and environmental policies were making it difficult for authorities to help control the mass blaze.

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