SCHIFF UNGLUED: Adam Schiff Blames California Forest Fires… On TRUMP, CLIMATE CHANGE | Sean Hannity

Leading Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff took his all-out war against the Trump administration to the next level Tuesday, bizarrely blaming President Trump and “climate change” for the devastating forest fires sweeping California.

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of course hes going to blame the weather

hes trying to convince people that weather will cooperate by transferring peoples wealth

The Lack Of Forest Management you know thinning and logging and all those bad things. When people made a living in the woods they didn’t Burn as hard.And Yes they took care if the woods regardless of what everyone believes.This is a Case of one mentally challenged peoson.LOOK AT THE EYES!!!

Keep talking Adam. Between you and Maxine Waters along with many other democrats you’re going to bury the democratic party. Nobody wants a raving lunatic representing them in Congress. But you keep up the good work and you’ll be working at McDonalds before you know it, leaving the way clear for Americans to work for what’s best for the country.