SARAH ON FIRE: Sanders SCORCHES ABC’s ‘Double-Standard’ on Roseanne | Sean Hannity

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders slammed ABC boss Bob Iger over the network’s “double-standard” regarding Roseanne Barr Wednesday; scorching the executive for failing to apologize to the White House after multiple “rants” against the President.

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Why is the WH Press Sec talking about an ABC sitcom.

One thread wasn’t enough?

I’m a Christian, but I too have trouble with people that heard Jesus or God taking to them. Not the people that made a conscious decision based on what they’ve learned from reading the bible or listening to the “word” of the lord. The ones that hear voices, like God told the preacher to buy a $54 million dollar jet airplane? My God is not the God of possessions. What about the mother that drowns her three children, because God told her to? Was she crazy, or wrongly persecuted? I listened to the interview for the first time today, and she never said Christians have mental issues. She said believes that people that her voices in their heads have mental illness. This Christian agrees. Matthew 5:44.