Sanders up nationally and expacted to win both New Hampshire and Nevada

Things are moving fast in the democratic field especially the plunge of Biden which many predicted. Sanders is winning both N.H. and Nevada and the latest Quinnipiac poll has the national race at

Sanders - 25
Biden - 17
Bloomberg - 15

Biden’s decline has accelerated.

Does anyone have a problem with a democratic socialist at the top of the ticket?

I would love it! I can’t wait to see his policies contrasted with Trump’s. That would be seriously a fun debate. But I don’t think the DNC will allow it. I’m expecting Shenanigans.

BTW what the hell is a democratic socialist? It sounds like a made up term.

Actually the only “shenanigans” are coming from the GOP.

They are asking NH independents not to vote for Sanders.

In South Carolina they are planning an Operation Chaos in that state’s open primary.

Now…why would the GOP wish to hurt Sanders’ campaign?

One wonders…

I hope you’re right. As I said. I would love to see Bernie get the nod. The republicans can’t decide who the DNC chooses. Not even if our Russian friends help. :joy:

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Because they have a problem with a democratic socialist even getting a sniff at the presidency.

And yes, that was a Biden joke.

It’s stupid by the GOP. I want the democrats to run a socialist.

8 point lead that’s impressive, the left getting their commie on.


So if Sanders is at the top of the D ticket then it’s the GOPs fault! :rofl:

This is perfect for the Establishment. They won’t have to worry about him being relevant ever again. lol

To save America.

will Sanders’ food stamps be good for KFC?

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Sanders is widely believed to be genuine, even among those who think he’s a crazy old fool. It’s a lot like Trump’s outsider appeal to the casual voter.

He presents himself as a friendly, harmless old man, which is quite a contrast to the President.

I suspect the GOP knows that he will be tougher to beat for the casual demographic who care a lot about personality, and that’s why they are making moves against him now instead of enthusiastically inviting the opportunity to run against a socialist.

Bloomberg has come out of nowhere to third place with 15%. Interesting.

Instant ban of salt and large sodas by executive order first day of office?

Not a huge fan because I don’t like the government pushing laws to protect people from themselves. I just think it’s interesting he moved up so far, so fast.

Guess people like when their lives are micromanaged from the ivory tower.

And then they get to double dip and spread disinformation that the Democratic Establishment “stole” the nomination from Sanders again…in an attempt to pluck off Sanders voters or depress their turnout.

Just like last time.

Great work if you can get it.

GOP always suppressing votes. Same old story, same old song and dance!