Sanctuary states for 2nd A

The one with a gun.

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Acevedo is too “Kalifornia” for Miami, he’s too political. I can see the mayor of Miami (Suarez) and his new chief not getting along.

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Would you use your firearm on an armed intruder if you felt yours and your families lives were in danger?

What about it progs?

You won’t get a response. They were screaming “authoritarian” just a few months ago, now they’re perfectly fine with violating the Bill of Rights, a permanent National Guard presence in DC, HR-1, and the PRO Act.


Stupid idea…

And the many of the same on here crying about liberties being trampled on, loved themselves some “Patriot Act”…Funny how that works.



Before guns there were (and still are) swords, long knives, axes, tomahawks, bows, crossbows, etc.

An arm is a tool used by the average infantryman to perform combat.

The point is that the right to keep and bear arms is a universal right that cannot be infringed upon.

A state or the feds banning the bearing of swords is no different than the banning of certain rifles. They are all infringements on our right, as human beings, to keep and bear arms.


Shall not be infringed.


Didn’t care for that, and you don’t care for Biden’s 4th amendment violations. I’d say that makes us even.

Judge Dredd is a coming.

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Haki Psaki talking about “the majority of Americans do not believe anyone needs assault weapons”.

Tsk, tsk.

The things they are talking about doing!

One of them just said, “The Constitution doesn’t say regulated much, but it does in the 2nd, well-regulated in fact. Time to regulate!”

Hysteria must be the “new normal”.

Civics classes would do this country a lot of good.


On a side note…Do you include hysteria over “Cancel Culture”…in there?


Sums up today’s sides of politics:

Conservatives (not Rs): you do what you want, leave me alone.

Libs: you do what I want and leave me alone.


What does that last clause even mean?

By what authority?