Sanctuary policies kill again

An illegal invader who was released from custody because sanctuary liberals made it illegal to contact ICE, stabbed five people in a church killing two. Because idiots in California believe no person is illegal, people are dying. And more are being raped or killed by drunk drivers. The people who voted for this insanity go home at night to their upper class mansions protected by a wall. Leaving the suffering to others. America has just voted to become a sanctuary country. So get ready for this to become much, much worse.

Man accused of killing 2 in San Jose church stabbings has criminal history, was deported: Police | KTLA


This was an epic democratic debacle. No wonder our lib friends have nothing to say.

At least they know about it now. Since their media sources typically refuse to cover this kind of thing. You’re welcome.

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This one got my blood boiling this morning. Family so wealthy they posted this racists 200,000 dollar bail.

Ultimately he will get his wish and be deported.

Should be sentenced to death for a hate crime/murder.


Former Lehigh University student Yukai Yang, 24, pled guilty to attempted murder for poisoning his roommate Juwan Royal with thallium in 2018

Royal was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning in April 2018 after having his food, drinks and mouthwash spiked with the toxic substance for three months

Thallium is odorless and tasteless, and can be fatal in humans; it has been banned for use in rat poison since the 1970s

Yang, a Chinese national had his student visa revoked and his bail bond raised from $200,000 to $2.5m last year after he tried to flee US

He was previously charged with ethnic intimidation for writing N-word on Royal’s bed; Royal is black
Sentencing is scheduled for Jan 21

He faces between six to 20 years in state prison, followed by deportation to his native China

Doesn’t appear to be sufficient jail time…especially the low end.

Since he is not in a sanctuary state, he would face deportation if he was released today. He would only need to sneak back in to the U.S. and make his way to a sanctuary city to be protected. But under Biden, the country becomes a sanctuary country which means no deportations. He would be totally protected from deportation upon his release.

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is one more tragic than the other?

One situation could have been prevented, so yes.

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Yes. As a matter of fact it is. We don’t protect American citizens from consequences. We only do that for foreign nationals. And we do much more. We actually import foreign criminals because we don’t have enough of our own.

Weak. Anemic.

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okay then.

She wasn’t a racist or illegal.

Looks guilty of manslaughter if the UK has the same level charge.

How does that compare? Not at all.

Didn’t happen in the UK. It happened in California.

This is a specious counterexample.

The point of the thread is that disordered handling of illegal criminals at times contributes to even worse harms to society.

It’s bad enough that we turn a blind legal eye to illegal immigration in the first place. That’s really the problem. But “the other side”, in an attempt to defy the call for illegal immigration reform, creates obstinate obstructions to reform and coddles known illegal immigrants – and even worse abets criminals from the illegal community. Profoundly preventable major crime is a result.

Pulling up a counterexample of some citizen committing a crime is feckless whataboutism that just serves to indicate a willingness to support “that other side”. (And with it, the resultant preventable crimes that result.) It’s not a very good showing for oneself when someone does that.


So its even less relevant.

Are you in the correct thread?

I gave no support to anyone, that’s an assumption.

All I did was ask a question.

You stated that very well.


I don’t believe it is less relevant, the woman in question is a repeat offender with multiple DUI related offenses. She has yet to be convicted. It seems California has a problem with handling all types of offenses, not just illegal aliens.

And it will certainly get worse for them and everyone else.

not “will”. It has.

funny how so many jumped in here assuming it was a support of illegal aliens and not a condemnation of California.

Right. But they created the problem with illegals. It’s their own circular firing squad.

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Didn’t hurt Ms. Harris’s resume.

The topic is sanctuary policy…That case is more Wienstein and less Feinstein.