San Fran City official arrest on corruption charges

They guy in charges of keeping streets clean in San Francisco (and doing a full fail job in the process) has been arrested and charged with corruption (bribery, kickbacks, and helping a friend get contracts.

Nuru, 57, and Bovis, 56, allegedly attempted to bribe an airport commissioner to help win a bid for a restaurant lease at San Francisco International Airport

The alleged kickback scheme was just one of five that federal authorities described in a complaint released Tuesday

Nuru is also accused of helping Bovis win contracts both to open a restaurant at the Transbay Transit Center, and to provide mobile housing and toilets to the homeless, according to the complaint.

With all that this is the most intersting part of the article:

In the biggest public corruption scandal to shake City Hall since 2015,

They can’t go more than 5 years without a big public corruption scandal in San Francisco???

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Why is this politics?

Oh poooooooop. I was hoping it was going to be Pelosi. :sunglasses:

Do you not understand…


Public Works? More like Public… Jerks!!!



In SF its all politics.

Adios. Hope he goes to jail for a long time. No sympathy for corrupt public servants.

That’s indoors but it’s all poop outdoors. On second thought…it’s the same on both sides of the doors. :sunglasses:

Because it’s a political official charged with public corruption.

What are you thoughts on . .

This is the worst corruption in SF in 5 years?

Should a city go much longer than 5 years without a corrupt politician?

The city should be taken over by the federal government.

SF Public works director is an appointed position, not an elected position.

There has not been effective oversight on that dept. The current mayor is looking to reform the lack of oversight and accountability.

Good. Get them out of there.

States rights … small government … personal responsibility … mumble mumble … conservatism is dead … mumble mumble … long live big government and Trump conservatives … mumble mumble …

Nah. Just quarantine it from infecting the rest of the country.

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