Same political party that brought you the KKK

Is now bringing you hate once again.

NYSlime is standing by that hate with their endorsement of Sarah Jeong.

As I’ve said in the past. Libs just change their hatred from one group to another when it benefits THEM.

And thus way they’re unfit to govern or to regain power.

Congrats libs


Sarah who?

The problem is that you are taking her literally, not seriously.

Plus… Sarah Jeong is a Tech writer… how does that work to regain power?

I had to google it. It appears she has tweeted some anti-white male thoughts. I don’t approve of them and don’t support her. I won’t be voting for her based on what I’ve heard so far.

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Never heard of this person.

So-called leading news organization in the world knowing hired a racist individual speaks volume does it not?

Yep, I won’t be voting for her either.

Ok. So she hates Republicans and white men. Got it now

NYSlime supports racist/racism…hell they will even hire you if you’re the right color/race.

Can’t get anymore racist then that now can you?

Let it out, Conan. Let it out.


It must get tiring every day checking to see if there is someone new persecuting you and that you should be angry 3.


As a white man… been one all my life… I found her tweets to be pretty humorous.

But I am not a thin skinned cry baby who goes looking to be offended.


Oh the horror

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I think it’s funny…people are seeing the true colors of liberal hate.

Look no farther then how libs are defending her.

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Once again a mob comes after someone for tweets or something they said, sometimes recent sometimes not.

Happens to both left and right. Conservative writer Kevin Williamson was fired from The Atlantic within weeks of his hiring due to left wing mobs demanding his firing.

Now we have the same going on but in reverse with a left wing writer and right wing mobs demanding she lose her job.

So sick of this.

Face it libs…you are the party of hate as racism.

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As a powerful man once said, “Good, good. Let the hate flow through you …”

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I’m just sick of hysterical mobs demanding someone be fired or at least greatly shamed over tweets or an article they wrote.

Even happened on the Bachelor TV show where social media warriors went after one of the guys for liking Instagram posts the left thought were inappropriate.

It’s just gotten incredibly stupid.

It’s a pretty awful thing to say and if you insert any other color in the place of “white” in her tweets the person would automatically be exiled.

That being said I don’t expect the Baizuo to understand that what she said was wrong. The left in the west are moving further into the self hating world of masochism.

She is an Asian female so she has a place on the oppression meter and will be judged less harshly by the left. White male- gone.