RYAN’S REVOLT: 112 Republicans VOTE AGAINST Paul Ryan’s Immigration Plan

Originally published at: RYAN’S REVOLT: 112 Republicans VOTE AGAINST Paul Ryan’s Immigration Plan | Sean Hannity

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly shot-down Speaker Paul Ryan’s “moderate” immigration bill Wednesday, tanking the proposed legislation by a whopping vote of 121-301.

Making matters worse for Ryan was the outright Republican revolt surrounding his bill, with 112 GOP legislators voting against the proposal alongside every single Democratic lawmaker.

“Republican leaders expected the bill to fail, and were already planning to quickly take up a very narrow bill that would allow immigration officials to hold children with adult family members at border residential facilities while the adults are prosecuted for illegal entry. Lawmakers could vote on that bill Thursday, before the House leaves town for a week,” writes the Washington Examiner.

If passed, Ryan’s legislation would have created a pathway to citizenship for nearly 2 million ‘Dreamers’ and would have secured nearly $30 billion in funding for President Trump’s signature campaign promise: the border wall.

h/t Washington Examiner

But more important not one single lib/democrat voted for DACA…which this bill would have supported.

It would have giving those DACA members a pathway to citizenship.

And democrats didn’t support it.

We want that wall and we want it ASAP. As for DACA it was and is illegal. I would only agree to residency at the most with no path to citizenship except to go home and apply legally.

You’re missing the point. Democrats had opportunity to vote for granting DACA children full citizenship and they voted no.

Ryan bill was compromise with democrat party…it gave the democrat party what they wanted.

And they still voted no.

At no time did Ryan negotiate with Democrats regarding this bill.

People aren’t stupid enough to believe this.

This bill would have granted DACA children citizenship…and libs and their democrat party turned it down.

Not one single democrat voted for it…not one.

Yep…libs are playing politics on future of DACA children.

I hope repugs make ad of this, and play it over and over again in heavy Latino communities.

Let them know how they turned down the DACA children for politics.

I think Ryan left us with parting gift…one that we should take advantage of.

Lol@ dumb Republicans, they can’t even get their own members to vote for their own bill, even after trump told them to pass it. Lol.

The real question is why do you think Latinos are stupid enough to believe your nonsense?

Republican fail. Again.

Yep. libs are using DACA children as political pawns.

They had their chance…and they all voted no. Every damn single lib.

You haven’t been clear Conan, can you repeat yourself once more? :joy:

We wanted the Wall… lol